Canadian Studies Spring 2018 Test 1 - Cas111b - Essay

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Spring 2018 CAS111B Exam #1
1. Where did the name “Canada” originate? What does it mean?
a. it is the French town where Champlain came from
b. it is an old English word for wilderness
c. it is an Iroquois word for village
d. none of the above
2. What is the capital of Canada?
a. Montreal
b. Toronto
c. Ottawa
d. Vancouver
e. Quebec City
3. What is Canada’s form of government?
a. Constitutional Monarchy
b. Republic
c. Colonial
d. Dictatorship
e. Communist
4. Who is Canada’s Head of State?
a. President
b. Queen
c. Governor General
d. Prime Minister
e. none of the above
5. What do we call Canada’s political leader?
a. President
b. Queen
c. Governor General
d. Prime Minister
e. none of the above
6. Who is it?
a. Brian Mulroney
b. Jean Chretien
c. Justin Trudeau
d. Stephen Harper
e. none of the above
7. Canada’s has:
a. 3 provinces & 10 territories
b. 3 territories & 10 states
c. 3 states & 10 provinces
d. 3 territories & 10 provinces
e. none of the above combinations
Which of the following is NOT one of the top 4 countries that supply the most immigrants to Canada?
a. Philippines
b. China
c. India
d. Mexico
e. none of the above
9. What is Canada’s most populous city?
a. Montreal
b. Toronto
c. Ottawa
d. Vancouver
e. Quebec City
10. Which of the following the Canadian cities does not have a population of over 1 million.
a. Montreal
b. Toronto
c. Ottawa
d. Vancouver
e. Quebec City
11. What is/are Canada’s Official Language(s)
a. English only
b. French only
c. English & French
d. English & Spanish
e. none – Canada does not have an Official Language
12. Which 3 languages are spoken by the largest number of people in Canada?
a. English, French & Spanish
b. French, English & Chinese
c. French, Chinese & Spanish
d. English, French & Mohawk
e. None of the above
13. What is Canada’s Official State Religion?
a. Catholic
b. Protestant
c. Anglican
d. Islam
e. None of the above
14. Which country first colonized Canada?
a. England
b. France
c. Spain
d. Portugal
e. none of the above
What is Canada’s top export in terms of $ value?
a. automobiles & parts
b. oil
c. beef
d. lumber
e. wheat
16. How far from Canada would you be if you were in a classroom at Plattsburgh State?
a. 5 miles
b. 12 miles
c. 50 miles
d. 100 miles
e. none of the above
17. Why did Canada support the South (Confederates) in the US Civil War?
a. because it wanted access to the South’s cotton
b. because it wanted to split the USA into two weaker countries
c. because it hoped to regain some lost territory in the North
d. all of the above
e. none of the above
18. When did Canada gain its independence?
a. 1759
b. 1775
c. 1867
d. 1901
e. 1949
19. From whom did Canada gain its independence?
a. USA
b. Britain
c. France
d. Spain
e. Quebec
20. Why did the first settlers come to Canada?
a. for religious freedom
b. to steal gold from the native peoples
c. they found the northwest passage and wanted to charge for using it
d. for the fur trade and to convert the native peoples to Catholicism
e. none...

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