Canadians Aim For Closing Wage Gap Centennial Essay

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Canadians aim for closing wage
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Canadians aim for closing wage gap
Employment equity issues in Canada based on gender identity still exist. Because this has been a constant societal issue, can strict implementation of the constitution for equal opportunities to distinct genders is a positive outlook? People have a privilege to be dealt with decently and the nation ought to have projects to secure this right. Policymakers should seek to reinforce implementation of current equivalent work openings law. Canada’s employment equity must require employers to take dynamic measures to enhance the employment opportunities for different genders in the country. Passing a law that a strictly prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender and other grounds at workplaces in Canada is invaluable as it promotes a sense of social justice and fortifies the economy as a whole.
Firstly, to promotes a sense of social justice. Approval of the law will remove conscious or unconscious gender stereotyping, gender bias and discrimination in workplaces that prevents women from accomplishing their full economic potential. For example, a majority of office workers, nurses and teachers are women and people in these fields. Most of the architects are men and they are likely to be well-compensated. Currently, there have been gradually increase in women’s levels of education and contribution in the labour force. Therefore, creating more fair and just society, equitable wealth distribution for all genders and progressive most demand public policies on shared prosperity.
Another point to consider is that fortifies the economy as a whole. Closing the gender gap in employment will profit the economy and every citizen of the country’s play a vital role in the workforce. Equal opportunities at workplaces can boost economic growth. Most mothers are currently contributing a huge level of annual household income. Men and women are devoted in their job recognizing them as equivalent...


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