Canterbury Tales - "the General Prologue" - Research Paper

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Canterbury Tales, "The General Prologue"

You will find below all the pilgrims mentioned in "The General Prologue."

Be able to answer the following:

1. How does Chaucer characterize each one? Offer two details with line numbers to support this (include figures of speech or Cicero's aspects of characterization).
2. Describe Chaucer's attitude toward each pilgrim.
3. Rank this person in the chart at the end of this handout.

Chaucer's Characterization
Two Details
Chaucer's Attitude

The Knight
Lines 42-80
noble wise, rust stains with blood 1. 46, 74 2. 64-65 Likes him Squire (son) Spent $ for clothes Lines 81-102 Young, lover, lustful, vain, curly hair, short tunic, red flowered top, feminine, sing, plays the flute, athletic, dance, fun, loyal to dad.
1. 82

2. 101
Likes him

(page 97 pic)

Spent $ on equipment
Lines 103-121
Well-equipped, forester, not talkative, well dressed, with a sword, works for the squire and knight.
1. 108

2. 121
I don't know. Only described by appearance Prioress=Nun Lines 122-168 Acting like a lady of the court, dainty, overly dramatic, well mannered, speak French incorrectly, large forehead, vain, under grown=over weight, wears jewelry (love conquers all) 1. 143-part of the court 2. 162-wears jewelry Does not respect her but thinks she is funny.

Lines 169-211
Monks usually live in poverty, but he is selfish; he is a hypocrite, supposed to study and work the land but doesn't. He loves to hunt=has horses and greyhounds. He has a fur-lined cloak and gold jewelry. Boots=leather 1. 196- He spared no expense 2. 180- took modern world more spacious Satirizes him.

Lines 212-279
Mocks the teaching of Christ, hangs out at the bar with rich, well-kept, jolly, and gets trust, and then he takes advantage of you. Hears confessions for a fee. Fixed up, man, young pregnant woman. (Sings), overweight.
1. 227-easy man in penance 228 2. 242-Neck was whiter than a flower. Satirizes him.
Not a true priest.
Likes Monk better than Friar.

Lines 280=294
Broke proclaims that he is clever, he thought he knew about commercial trade, confident 1. 293- he was an excellent fellow 2. 284= He told of his opinions and pursuits.
He does not like him.

Clerk- forever student Lines 295-318 Intelligent, loved learning, lean, spends his $ on learning & books, but his horse is thin, no job, unworldly 1. 309, 294, 298 2. 318, 313 Likes and respects him but needs a job so that annoys him Sergeant-at-Law =lawyer Lines 319-340 Good lawyer, very knowledgeable, wise, fair, everyone benefits, good lawyer to higher for defense.
1. 321

2. 322(discrete)

3. 335- draft the deeds. Respect him, but he is not as busy as he claims.

Lines 341- 370

Wealthy landowner, liked to have fun, generous, hedonist (self-pleasure), the house is always open, lives for pleasure, party every night, white beard and red face, fired cooks 1. 343 2. ...

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