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QuestionDiscuss two members of your company / business unit reference to the theories of motivation discussed in book 3MOTIVATION WITHIN THE COMPUTER CO SERVICES SMALL BUSINESS UNITINTRODUCTIONThe following report details my observation of two members of the Computer Co Services Small Business Unit (SBU) team with reference to the theories of motivation discussed in book 3. The report concludes with recommendations aimed at improving motivation of the staff members in question.1. INTRODUCTION OF TEAM MEMBERSBoth team members will be referred to by their first names only:Marc Consultant with three years service within the company. He has a Master's Degree in statistics, a programm ...view middle of the document...

· The Psychological ContractMy company is not particularly tactful in the human relations department, so it often occurs that there is a mismatch between the employee's expectations and those of the company. Being based in London, Marc is often expected to service several clients in different locations. The personnel in charge of resource planning are often not aware of the time taken to travel from one client to another, and how long the job takes.Because of the above situation, Marc often feels that he is perceived as a low level employee, fit only for being used for any little job that comes along. In reality, Marc is used because he gets the job done in a very short period of time, and ultimately this is what keeps our clients happy.· Expectancy TheoryMarc always put a lot of effort into whatever job he is asked to do. As a result the job is done well and the outcome is extremely satisfactory; for the client and my company. I know for a fact that very often, adequate resources and clear instructions (goals) are not communicated to Marc, but despite this he achieves the desired goal.As stated in book 3, studies have shown good performance and job satisfaction to be unrelated, in Marc's case, there is very seldom job satisfaction, mainly because the company does not recognise his efforts.The above three theoretical models illustrate the three area's that motivate and de-motivate Marc at the present time.3. GREG - MOTIVATIONAL INFLUENCESGreg was employed in a purely technical role and then chose to follow the management route, a trend fairly typical amongst senior technical people (myself included). As a result of the similarity of our situations, it is interesting to try and apply the theoretical models of motivation to Greg's "case".It is quite easy to cancel out the models that do not apply to Greg, but sometimes quite hard to determine exactly what motivates him. Unlike Marc, Greg would tend to be primarily on the social and ego levels of the Maslow and Alderfer model.· The Self-actualising ModelGreg is most certainly concerned with achieving some kind of meaning and accomplishment. He is very concerned with doing things better, thinking up new innovations and striving to gain new business. He also tries to create a culture that encourages the team to strive for the same sense of fulfilment and attempts to place consultants where they are best suited.With reference to Hertzberg's two-factor model, responsibility and advancement are certainly prime satisfiers where Greg is concerned, followed closely by recognition.Interestingly, Greg strives very hard to improve the working environment for the team, ensuring hours are not too irregular, that leave is taken and consultants are not "messed around" too much. These actions are primarily aimed at motivating the staff, a misconception according to Hertzberg.· The Psychological ContractUpper management give a great amount of freedom to their managers, almost to the po...


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1246 words - 5 pages management areas delegation could be further utilized at Hewitt Associates.Successful delegation of work is much more involved than "here is what I need, go do it". It requires an attention to the details of the task and a nurturing attitude towards the person who will be handling the task. The actual steps in effective delegation are found in Figure 1. These are only the steps in the process, however, and a manager will need specific skills to

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1647 words - 7 pages may affect a manager differently than another. One may be higher or lower than the other. Managers needs to know that learning and understanding the difference in their colleagues will be the key (McGraw-Hill, 2006). When someone has the confidence in themselves and what they are capable of accomplishing is called self-esteem. They have the notion that they can achieve any type of situations. They take on goals that are more on their level

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429 words - 2 pages this prospective.ConclusionBefore beginning classes at the University of Phoenix Ethics were not something that I thought much about. After three years of classes and countless readings and understanding the principles of ethics I have learned there is an importance in managing ethics in the workplace as a professional. It holds tremendous benefits for organizations and its employees, both moral and practical.ReferencesUniversity of Phoenix Open rEsource; retrieved 9 December 2007 from:

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8206 words - 33 pages "absolutes and the inescapable unknowables"(p69-70)The fundamental idea of a system is that it consists of interdependent parts. The impression given is that they are tightly and strongly linked and change in response to each other. It is possible that the parts are relatively weakly connected and capable of autonomous action not requiring a response for other parts to which they are connected. This view is analogous to the fully closed, fully open

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1893 words - 8 pages the quality of what you write rather than the number of words. It is suggested that you spend 10 minutes on each question reading and planning. Question 1 Your Task Write an analysis of the arguments contained in the letter which evaluates the strength and weaknesses of the arguments presented in the letter, and assesses whether the author of the letter would successfully persuade his readers. Your analysis will be assessed on the following

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2591 words - 11 pages certain ethnic groups. Job disparities including income disparities between spouses, over crowding and poor social structure also increase and contribute to family violence. By the most conservative estimate, each year 1 million women suffer nonfatal violence by an intimate partner. Men, women and children can all be victims of physical violence as well as emotional and psychological battering.The health related costs of rape, physical assault

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