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Capital Punishment Essay

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Capital punishment is what I consider , "the legal"punishment of a criminal. Capital punishment has beenused as a form of punishment for many years. At moderntime, capital punishment is more controlled. Although,when capital punishment is mentioned it brings shiversdown the back of most of society. Being it is a factorof death, capital punishment , should not be taken solightly. The term capital does not represent or signifyany ideas in the negative aspect. Capital is defined asfirst or foremost; first rate or excellent. Punishment,on the other hand, is defined as the rough handling orpenalization for a wrong doing. Neither of these terms,when mentioned individually signify anything in thenegative aspect. Although when these two terms arecombined there is alot more meaning to them thanjust excellent or ...view middle of the document...

Although, it is not as barbaric as it was. Now the law only allows itself the use certain types of"disciplining". In the early 18th and 19th century thedeath penalty was inflicted in many ways. Some wayswere, crucifixion, boiling in oil, drawing and quartering,impalement, beheading, burning alive, crushing, tearingasunder, stoning and drowning. In the late 19th centurythe types of punishments were limited and only a few ofthem remained permissible by law. In the 19th centurycapital punishment was to only be inflicted by the followingmethods: hanging, electrocution, the gas chamber, firingsquad and lethal injection. The opinions brought upon us stating that the deathpenalty is a very strong deterrent against crime holdsallot of water. It is a proven statistical fact that states thathave reinstated and now enforce the death penalty showno difference in their crime and murder rate. In some cases,states that do impose the death penalty have a higher crimerate than the states that do not impose this "disciplinary"action. "Whosoever shed man's blood, by man shall hisblood be shed"(Genesis 9:6). With this statement fromGenesis, some people could almost feel as if they aredoing something religious. In the use of the death penaltythe concern of executing the innocent remains abroad.The death penalty has also been known for being used inunfair ways. For instance, women are rarely sentenced todeath, although twenty percent of homicides are committedby women. Also, an inappropriate number of non-whiteshave been executed. In the 20th century, when the deathpenalty was used for rape, no white men were executedfor raping a non-white women whereas most black offenderswho raped white women were executed. As a person against capital punishment, I feel morethought should be placed on a matter that involves takingsomeone's life. In my mind and the mind of many othersthe death penalty will always remain defined as "disciplinary"execution.

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