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This year I have started a new semester here at FIU after three years out from school, I am proud to say I am back, older and more focused with my eye on the prize. Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goal (Dillon, 2014). Enrolling back in school has definitely been both a personal and professional goal for me. My professional goals are to complete school with at least a 3.5 GPA or higher. Start a career doing what I love, working with kids, teaching them, molding them, them and sufficiently preparing them for the next grade level; providing them also with values they can carry with them throughout their entire lives. I want to make an impact on students like some teachers and professors have done for me. Graduating with a minor in Psychology, I want to eventually transition into working as a guidance counselor at school. After you’ve networked with enough people and built up your reputation, your peers can connect you with job openings that may be a good fit for your skills (Dillon, 2014). My goal is to work as an educator for three years to gain some insight and knowledge in the education field with the people I meet and connect with in the school system and my background as a teacher I will apply for a Guidance counselor position.
A short term professional goal is to save money (spend less on tangibles things), educate myself about investments, stocks and bonds. Input more percentage of my pay into my 401K for the future. Professionally I would like to open up a business for myself in the beauty industry as a long term goal. I love everything beautiful and feminine especially beautiful woman. The beauty industry is a billion dollar lucrative industry that is in high demand. I would like to exclusively promote and sell hair extensions, weaves and wigs. It is something that I am knowledgeable in and actually wear sometimes myself. These are just a few of my professional goals I have set for myself and will work hard to make them into a reality. One of many measures I plan to take to make my goals a reality is something I have struggled with in the past which is time management being a mom and a full time employee it becomes difficult to make time for school and all the work that comes with being a college student. Cited from Blueprint for Success in College and Career, “Managing time well comes down to two things. One is identifying (and then prioritizing) goals and the other is having the discipline to be able to work towards accomplishing them.” I am now writing down list of things I need to do and the due dates of when it needs to be completed this allows me to to organize myself better so I can be successful in completing required work for courses I am enrolled in. As I mentioned, I am also a mom and a full time employee so personal management also demands executing around my priorities and maintaining balance between the two.
This semester I have learned a lot about preparing for life a...


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