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I decided immediately on the topic of this homework. -I wanted to write about car industry generally, but through preparing this homework and from before, I became fascinated with Toyota and their success. So, probably there will be in this paper more about Toyota than overall about car industry.Many things, processes and people are in connection with car industry. For instance, Motor Shows or Fairs, price of oil, many people work in this industry, etc.This industry is not immune to the scandals. Some years ago it was happening with Italian Fiat and these days it is happening with General Motors and their German Opel. To me, it is scandal when you must lay-off big number of employees in a ...view middle of the document...

, but when I saw official Toyota's results and profits, I was really shocked, of course positively!It is impossible to list all Toyota's successes, but let's see some of them: $ 6.7 bn net profit, half of domestic production is going on export, half of the 60 million global car industry outputs are made by Toyota… But, I am truly surprised with their Organizational culture, Total Quality Management (for e.g. Just-in-time system), etc. People are asking all the time - what is the secret in Toyota's success? And people are giving different answers. I can say my opinion. The main points, the most important things to which Toyota owes for this success are three things: 1.TQM - Total Quality Management; 2. Customer care; 3. People (employment) oriented management. These are basic Toyota's rules for making business, producing cars.1. Some experts are saying that this TQM is complex system, but I don't think so. As the name suggest, they require quality in all areas, in all processes in their whole system. And the second thing is JIT system, which requires that all resources should be there on time. What can you do if your supplier is late!?2. Toyota's organizational culture. That is what is making them different and what makes their brand unique!"Mr Press talks without mentioning cars as such. "The Toyota culture is inside all of us. Toyota is customer's company. Mrs Jones is our customer; she is my boss. Everything is done to make Mrs Jone's...

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