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Carbohydrate Intake For Adolescents Student Athletes

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Carbohydrate (CHO) is the body's main fuel for high intensity activity. CHO is stored in the liver and in the muscles in the form of glycogen. This amounts to about 100 grams. But even this capacity could vary based on the quantity of glycogen broken down from the supply of blood glucose and the amount of glucose supplied to the liver after food intake. Muscle and liver glycogen levels are fairly small and become lower during physical activity. When the quantity of CHO becomes lower, so does the energy level. At this point, fatigue could quickly boost altering the energy level, the intensity of the exercise, and even the outcome of the practice or competition. Based on the readings and ...view middle of the document...

As their body mass increased, carbohydrate intake did not. This study also determined that the increase of CHO intake was not related to the increase of the body weight (8).Taking in consideration adolescent student athletes, the use of CHO has been utilized in many sports with different results. In tennis, CHO supplementation prior to or during exercise guarantees sufficient blood glucose and muscle glycogen availability (9). If I would have to suggest a CHO intake for one of my adolescents’ tennis players, I would recommend a CHO intake with an electrolyte drink (commercially available would be fine). This has been shown to work better, and be better absorbed than plain water during long tennis matches or practices especially in the heat (7). CHO intake should not be administered to athletes performing less than 2 hours of tennis play (5). However, a sudden drop in glucose levels is somewhat normal even after a less that 2 hours practice or match. (8) This level should be increased by a liquid form of CHO (commercially available drink with a 6% CHO). During regular junior tennis tournaments, it is very common for young player to play two or three matches in the same day. As I write this paper, the most important tournament of the year is being played locally. The best players will have the chance to compete in the Midwest finals and eventually in the nationals. If one of my players would have to play multiple matches in one day, I would suggest that he would replace the lost fluids through the ingestion of carbohydrate drinks. I would also suggest a consumption of a solid carbohydrates/protein snack meal right after the first match which should be at least 2 hours before the next. This way, the athlete would increase both his carbohydrate and liver glycogen levels (6).A low CHO diet would not be recommended for active individuals performing aerobic exercise bouts. One of the reasons is that a diet with low CHO intake can alter both the brain and the body functions. This is due to the fact that CHO intake is essential for the human body to maintain the proper energy level. Also, a diet with the proper amount...

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