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Yomira Arrese
Professor Alderson
September 24, 17
Career Assessment
Career Assessment
I. Values assessment:
I do not agree with my result on being a zoo veterinarian. It has not once crossed my mind to become one even if I do have the qualities to become one. Before taking the test I knew that I am a firm believer on taking risks. I also do know that and very independent and like to get my creative juices flowing. What I didn’t know before taking this assessment is that I share common traits with a zoo vet. In this assessment, independence was one of my biggest strengths. For the most part I do make decisions that revolve around my own believes, however, I am open to ideas and peoples level of perception. Lastly, I do think it’s informative because it was a great presentation of how well rounded I am. I hold some qualities that go beyond the business world. My major is International business and I think what will set me apart from others is my creativity.
Work Interest assessment:
I agree that when working on projects I like to be open minded and enjoy working with people who share the same vision I do. I also enjoy sharing the same values and interests that we have in common. I am very nitpicky and for the most part really do strive for perfection when working on a project I am passionate about. Before taking the tests I was certain that I am creative and like to think outside the box. This test reassured me that I am indeed a creative type, however, It caught me by surprise that actress popped up as an occupation as well as an art director. One thing that I learned about myself that I didn’t know before was that I actually like working with in groups more than working alone. I thoroughly enjoy working alone but it’s nice to rely on people who share your same vision and could potentially help your idea grow. My strengths in this assessment really resonate with me. My results were, artistic, enterprising, and investigative. I am a photographer besides being a business major and looking into the business world from an artistic type point of view is very different. In terms of pitching ideas and targeting people I feel like I have a different crowd in mind when working on projects than most people. I believe the results are informative. It reassures my strengths and potential career paths besides being a businesswoman.
Personality assessment:
I 100% agree with the results. The results state that I am open minded, enthusiastic, observant, creative and spontaneous. Being spontaneous keeps me sharp and on my toes. I like to throw myself into a goal and embrace it with success. I think passion and enthusiasm go hand in hand and is a good leadership skill to obtain. What I didn’t know about myself is that while having all these qualities I also have to be very observant. Looking back now I do find myself in scenarios where sitting back and reading the room is the best way to develop ideas. I do this a lot but didn’t realize it until now. One of my strengths in this assessment was being open-minded. Being open minded is the only way to be in my world. I have to be willing to learn and grow as well as adapt. The results were a bit eye opening. After graduation, I’d love to become a creative director for a company.
Skills assessment:
I agree with my results. I think listening and managing are a very important pair of skills to have. Being a fashion designer/fashion coordinator is also another of one my dreams. It was comforting to find these options under my career assessment. I am big on detail when it comes to this part of my career. In this part of the industry an individual meets with many faces that can possibly their foot on the door. Time management is key because it will help to not feel overwhelmed. In this assessment I didn’t learn anything in particular that I didn’t know before. Although, I didn’t learn something new I do know that time management is a great asset to a successful lifestyle.
Leisure assessment:
In this assessment I think was the most accurate if we were strictly talking about being a businesswoman and putting my other talents to the side. It is very accounting based which I thrive in. Jobs like CPA show up on my assessment. Although, it is a great field I find it boring and not up my alley. It doesn’t fit my vision currently. In this last assessment, I didn’t learn anything new but I was reassured that I love to share. Share everything and anything, including ideas. The results did help me realize that I want to do more than a regular 9-5-office job.
II. My selected path is currently international business. I love learning about cultures and customs. I want to be part of the Global competition. I also want to help companies cross national borders and progress to international negotiations. I believe this pushes companies to expand their culture and work with different set of brains to become successful. The results from the assessments above pointed out my most important skills that I think are extremely important to help a company grow. Being creative in the business world is so crucial in my eyes. Someone has to keep up with the latest trends and be a couple steps ahead of its competitors. The only way to accomplish this is to be unique and authentic. Leadership skills are another set up skill needed for this innovative working environment. Once being a part of a team who thinks outside the box the possibilities are endless. Being creative also means being a good listener as well as open-minded. Freedom of expression is what makes creative minds like myself thrive. Being creative will always make things interest and adds depth to the environment.
III. I’ve realized that sets me apart from other business majors is my ability to think outside the box. Creativity is one of the most advanced mental processes of human intelligence and as all other reasoning skills are difficult to comprehend. As a creative type I have dedicate myself to understand the creative process as well as to develop it through techniques and tools. Understanding creativity is understanding how creative thinking works, understanding what mental mechanisms work, and how the brain uses its resources to generate new ideas. Photography has helped me a lot in terms of motivating my ideas to create a more pleasant atmosphere for whatever scenario I am encountering. Even though I am very independent, working in groups is one of my favorite things about working on projects together with other individuals. I currently know my skills but unfortunately am clueless on what the next step is to take. Although I am Hispanic and bilingual I am constantly trying to expand my horizons. I know the next to take is to do an internship. I also want to study abroad this summer. I am expected to graduate fall 2018.

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