Career Exploration In First Year College Lonestar College Essay

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Sang Nguyen
EDUC 1300 5058
Professor Bruce Neary
Nowadays, there are many questionnaires that you can take in order to figure out what type of career choice would be best for you. These are skills assessments, which tells you what you would probably good at, and other is interests assessment, which tells you what you would probably like best as a career. Since I took the EDUC class, I have done many assessments such as: DO WHAT YOU ARE, SMARTER MEASURE, I answered them as honestly as I could. Base on those results and my interest in mathematics, I do want to pursue in education field, especially become a math teacher.
Math teachers work with students of all ages in classrooms. Typically, they teach children and teens, but some math teachers may also teach adults, or continue their careers at community colleges or universities. Their goal is to help pupils develop critical-thinking abilities by gaining an understanding of mathematic concepts. Most math teaching positions require a minimum of an undergraduate degree. Math teachers can choose to major in mathematics and then complete a master's degree or certification program in teaching. Alternatively, they can major in education with an emphasis on mathematics. Education degree programs prepare math teachers specifically for the classroom and teaching math to students. They also focus on the art of teaching, including topics such as curriculum development, along with how students learn. Math teachers can also take specific courses focused on how to teach children at certain ages. Elementary education courses, for example, may help math teachers better understand how to impart knowledge to children in elementary school. Math teachers actively instruct students, create lesson plans, assign and correct homework, manage students in the classroom, communicate with parents, and help students prepare for standardized testing. Math teacher job duties can vary significantly between elementary school and higher grade levels. In high schools, for example, math teachers may need to help students prepare for graduation and college entry exams, while in elementary schools the mastery of basic skills is of paramount importance.
Teaching is all about communication, if you cannot communicate then you cannot be a good teacher. Even though I am an introvert that does not mean that I cannot become a teacher, working with my enthusiasm and interest would change the way I...

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