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Nowadays, the process of finding a job has never been easier through the use of the internet. However, the difficult part is to find the right job. If I take myself as example, after my degree I will try to find work in the accounting field to complete my Chartered Accountancy. I like what I do but I do not see myself working in an office my entire life. Learning accounting will surely help me in the future and that is why I am doing it. Luckily, I got the chance to talk to my family and they advised me to continue this career path just to be on the safe side and that I will be able to change my career path later. They also advised me if I intend to change my career path, to choose something that I am passionate about but also that I am good at, and that the money will flow by itself afterwards. But the question is, what are the factors that create those career indecisions?
The college to career transition may create a sense of risk or resilience as for most it may be the first of many jobs, with each job having its own required set of skills and adaptability. With the amount of opportunities that are available nowadays, young adults struggle to find their identity and therefore the type of work that best suits their personality. “According to Arnett (2000, as cited in Murphy, Blustein, Bohlig & Platt, 2010, p.174), emerging adults are distinctive demographically, subjectively, and in terms of their approach to identity exploration.” The pursuit to find their identity is expressed in their exploration for a relevant career which leads to career indecisions. Murphy et al. (2010) show the importance of social support and how it influences one’s transition where people having more social support will have a smoother transition and will be more able to find their identity compared to people who do not.
The influence of the family on career decisions has been recognised as an important factor for many years. Lopez and Andrews (1987) indicate that parents act as role models, career advisors and are providers of the developmental...

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