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AVID Career Research Paper Requirements
Using Two Internet Resources, you will gather information about a career that you are interested in pursuing. Try to address as many of the following outline points as possible. You may create a Keynote presentation, a brochure, a poster board visual aide, or a research paper. Include a reference to the sources you used in correct MLA format.
Career Research Paper
Due Date: _______
I. Name of Career Field and reasons for studying this particular career.
II. History of the career
III. People in this career
a. Approximately how many people are now employed in this career field?
b. Briefly discuss current employment trends relating to this career.
c. Where are jobs related to this career most often found? Why?
IV. Duties of this career
a. General Duties
b. Specific Duties
c. Hours of work ordinarily required
d. Is there anything unusual about the number of hours or nature of the work schedule which might relate to this job field? (Seasonal fluctuations, days, nights, split shifts etc..)
V. Qualifications of workers in this field.
a. Age
b. Gender
c. Health and physical
d. Personality
e. Experience
f. Aptitude
g. Education (general level and type required)
h. Other
i. What are the most common methods of entry into this career?
Which one would you choose? Why
Education Planning
a. List some schools where you could get the necessary training for this job.
b. Briefly descr...

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