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Careers In Management Information Sciences Essay

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Mike Jensen Davis Section Blue Career Plan Entertainment Industry As technology plays an increasing role in the entertainment industry the need for people with the skills to create unbelievable special effects and harness the power of the computer becomes greater. There are several areas in which technology has improved upon the entertainment industries ability to wow their customers. From special effects created by computer generated imaging that allow a movie producer to bring dinosaurs back to life to the huge databases needed to create 3D sports events allowing fans to watch a game from any angle. One of the primary attractions of this industry for me is the huge influence it has on our ...view middle of the document...

Their opinions and views on life are more unconventional and accepting of change which better fits my personality.One of the major downsides is how incredibly hard it is to enter this industry. There are literally millions of people out there competing to show how creative they are or aren¡¯t. Like many industries its not what you know but who you know. This concept is especially true for entertainment and for someone to get a chance to prove their worthiness to work on a multimillion dollar entertainment projects they will need to do a lot of leg-work and it will most likely take a long time if ever for them to make any ¡°real¡± money.Entry Level Jobs: Computer Artist This is an entry level position which requires a good amount of technical experience using applications that either allow the transfer of traditional art to digital format or creating computer graphic from scratch. Generally this job pays better then the illustrator traditional artist because of the technical skills needed but pay is still low for entry level positions around the $30,000 to $50,000 range. These jobs will typically have long hours with make or break deadlines as well. Some of the benefits of obtaining this position are the amount of creativity and autonomy allowed. This is also a high profile job where your work will definitely be appreciated or ridiculed.Special Effects There are huge opportunities in this aspect of the entertainment industry for people with the right technical skills and creative ability. One of the main drawbacks to this segment of the industry is that its one of the hardest to get into from an entry level standpoint. The best chance of entry it to find a position at one of the lesser known special effects firms that specializes in computerized special effects such as CGI¡¯s and either hope the company becomes innovative enough to give it a competitive advantage or find a better position in another firm through networking. Usual starting salary for an entry level position is $25,000 to $30,000.Computer Software Industry The computer software industry is one of the largest and most important industries to the technology industry as a whole. All the new gadgets and hardware that business and society become increasingly reliant on would be useless if it did not have the instructions to follow which are found in software applications. My specific interest in this industry has to do with entertainment software. More commonly known as video games, entertainment software comprises the largest and broadest segment of computer software sales in the United States. With many different types of games from first person shooters and sports games to role-playing and strategy games the market is well covered. I also see a huge future in the computer gaming industry as console as well as personal computer games become more common place as a means for recreation.With the acceptance of video games as a primary source of...

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