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Carve The Mark
Veronica Roth’s, out of this world novel, Carve The Mark is part of a duology published by HarperCollins Publishers. It was published on the 17th of January 2017. It’s a Young adult novel and it’s known as a science fiction book which has a bit of romance and action in it. Though it hasn’t earned any awards yet, it is a successful book that is loved by many readers around the world.
Veronica Roth is an American writer, who wrote Carve the Mark and the Divergent Trilogy. In 2017 Roth published her first book outside the Divergent series, Carve The Mark. According to Roth, the novel started many years ago as a story about a young man who was taken from his family and comes back to them a different person than the one they knew.
The novel mainly revolves around Akos Kereseth and Cyra Noavek’s lives and their fates. Both characters live on the same planet but is separated as the Shotet and the Thuhve are known as enemies. The Kereseth family and the Noavek family are one of the few fated families of the universe. The fates usually determine what your life is going to be, your fate may be bad or it may be good. The fates brought Akos and Cyra together.
Cyra Noavek is known to be the sister of a brutal tyrant who rules over the Shotet people. She is a strong, resilient, smart woman who is quick on her feet, and she is an incredible fighter. Her current gift, (a gift that everyone has, that is powered by the current that controls the galaxy) is to cause pain for herself and others. It is not something she can control. Unfortunately, her current gift is used by her brother, Ryzek, using her to torture his enemies. The galaxy mainly knows her as Cyra Noavek, Ryzek’s scourge (A person who causes great pain and suffering for others). Her fate is “The second child of the family Noavek will cross the Divide”. Though later in the book series it is false as it’s not her Fate.
Akos Kereseth is known to be the son of a farmer and an oracle from the frozen nation of Thuhve. Akos is loyal and kind person, though he grows a shield over time after some incidents. Throughout the book he learns to fight and fit in with the Shotet. Akos and his brother Eijeh were kidnapped when they were young, by the Shotet. Since Akos was a fated child he was captured by them. The fate of Akos was “The third child of the family Kereseth will die in service to the family Noavek” but just like Cyra, his fate is also false. Akos is a servant to Cyra and is also known as her pain reliever. Akos has an interesting currentgift, his currentgift is to interrupt the current, meaning he isn’t...

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