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Business Ethics Case Assignments
There are multiple cases where you are to provide detailed answers to questions provided by me. Your goal is to answer each question which as much detail as possible, yet without any rambling. You are not to write more than 1,200 words per case. Your grade will be either a check or check minus. If you receive a check minus, this means that the assignment did not meet standard, and will go against your case grade. You will not be afforded the opportunity to resubmit your assignment. There are no late submissions.
Following are the case questions that you need to make sure are included and answered in your case.
1. How should Barner respond to the invitation for IKEA to have a representative appear on the upcoming broadcast of the German video program?
2. What actions should she take regarding the IKEA supply contract with Rangan exports?
3. What long-term strategy would you suggest she take regarding IKEA’s continued operation in India? Should the company stay or should it exit?
Chiquita Banana - Blood Bananas Case
1. What do you think were the root causes for Chiquita’s actions in Colombia that ultimately led to their conviction?
2. Do you think Chiquita or its managers had a choice? Why or why not?
3. What other companies or industries do you think should be worried about Chiquita’s experiences? How does this story change your perspective on doing business abroad?
4. What can current CEO Fernando Aguirre do now to restore Chiquita’s reputation and ensure future competitiveness?
Kwikaxess: A New Business Model
1. Would you invest in KwikAxess? Why or why not?
2. What is the role of language and management speak in masking a very disturbing reality?
NOTE you will need to explore and explain management speak!
The Carlson Company and Global Corporate Citizenship: The Protection of Chilren in the Travel and Tourism Industry
1. What will be some of the major challenges facing Carlson Nelson should she decide to give the go-ahead for constructing the Regency hotel complex in Costa Rica?
2. Identify Carlson Nelson’s resources of influence within Carlson Companies.
3. Explain how stakeholder theory relates to the case, and what stakeholders matter here?
4. What possible burdens do businesses take on when they agree to abide by voluntary codes of conduct?
5. Discuss potential advantages AND DISADVANTAGES to Carlson Companies if it decides to develop the hotel in Papagayo.
6. If the hotel project in Papagayo is successful and is widely adopted by other resort hotel complexes, wht impact could this have on Costa Rica?
7. What issues might surround the implementation of the Code at the new hotel in Papagayo, should Carlson decide to proceed with the project? How would the Code’s implementation actual play out?
Fiji Water
1. What is ethical and socially responsible marketing and why should marketers be concerned about CSR and sustainability?
2. What factors contributed to the marketing success of Fiji Water?
3. What does it mean for Fiji Water to go carbon negative? How does one measure and report carbon footprints of products? Is the carbon footprint of Fiji Water big compared to other products?
4. Are Fiji government’s concerns about the “negative” contributions of Fiji water to the local community justified? Does the company do enough to improve its relations with the Fiji government and the local community? What else should Fiji do to improve those relations?
St John the Compassionate Mission
1. Describe Father Roberto’s approach to leadership. How does this approach fit with the concept of servant leadership?
2. How are the characteristics of servant leadership displayed throughout the organizational culture of the Mission? How are they valued and practiced in the Mission community – by the leadership team, the paid staff, volunteers and members of the general community?
3. What are the internal and external pressures on the organization that are influencing the organizational culture of SJCM?
4. As the board, design a process to manage the leadership succession and SJCM
5. How do you maintain the culture of SJCM when transitioning leadership?
6. What are the strengths and weaknesses of servant leadership?
The Hard Hat: 21 Ways to be a Great Teammate
1. Do you believe that George displays Servant based leadership?
2. If so, how? If not, why not?
3. What can we learn from George with relation to Virtue ethics discussed in the course?
4. Which of the 21 lessons do you think is most important, why?
5. If you were to prioritize the top 5 lessons in the book, what would they be? How would you be able to use them as a leader?
1. Evaluate Patagonia’s business model. How important to Patagonia’s business model is its environmental position?
2. What is your assessment of the Product Lifecycle initiative (Reduce, Repair, Reuse, and Recycle)?
3. How fast can Patagonia grow? How fast should it grow?
4. How would Patagonia’s business model differ if the company were publicly held?
Veja: Sneakers with a Conscience
1. Is Veja more or less successful than other brands in the ethical fashion movement? Explain.
2. IN which key ways does Veja’s business model differ from that of conventional fashion industry firms? What role do those differences play in terms of partnership and acquisition?
3. How did the founders build the brand? Did they use any magic ingredients, or was it business as usual?
4. How did Veja’s founders choose brand, product and process extensions?
5. If Veja were to sell to Timberland, what would be the consequences on the ethical fashion industry and the conventional fashion industry?

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