Case Analysis Hr About Cloud Companies And Their Internal Communication

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Livia Tanacova
Case analysis
Strategic Management of HR
Company Background
International Business Machines, also known as IBM, is multinational technology corporation founded in 1911, in New York. The company was in the past focused on hardware production, however, nowadays it is focused mainly on services. IBM is the only company that can provide a client with cloud and security without subcontractors.
The HR issue of IBM ISC in the Slovakia will be analyzed in this paper.
Problem Definition
There are many departments of IBM ISC in Slovakia. GTS EFC is a financial department of Global Technology Services. The department covers financial analysis, reporting and forecasting. Each role is very complex and requires 100% focus on client. Employees are responsible to support all requests from the clients. It can be said that their clients are financial representatives in countries like contract CFO, project executive, and regional management. Anyone can now assume, that each role is very important and needs to be covered by skilled professionals.
The HR problem begins once the employee, who was working on contract in Saudi Arabia is leaving for the maternity leave and the new hire calls, he will not join the company. There is nobody to give handover to and nobody to cover this crucial role.
First step HR should do, is to listen to the reasons, why the person does not want to join the company. Once it is only about salary, it is good to ask the person, how much would he or she be able to accept. Then it is about the budget for that specific role. (ZipRecruiter, 2014).
HR person could also consider giving some more benefits to the new employee, for example, more days off. HR should also clearly state all benefits and qualities of the company. Many times, people refuse the job offer just because they got a better one. HR should, in this case, give a candidate a counter offer. However, it does not mean it will work. (ZipRecruiter, 2014).
In this case analysis, even after offering a better salary and greater benefits, the person still refused to join the company.
Justification for Problem Definition
An employee announced the maternity leave in October 2017, effective February 15, 2018. A new hire, who is to cover the role, will join the company at the beginning of February, so there is still two-week period to give him handover. The new hire was selected by HR and the manager of the department based on his experience, which matches the responsibilities of the role. He has signed the contract for a year, and he was supposed to join the company in February, as it was already stated above. However, manager receives a call on the hiring day, that the person hired for this position is not coming, because he has changed his mind. The employee, who is currently covering this role will leave in two weeks and by that time, it is necessary to find someone, who will be able to cover this role. A manager immediately calls HR, and assign them with t...


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