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I would like to write a story about a conflict I hadwith a past boss. It had to deal with the fact that he did not want to hear my side of the story,and listen totally to the customer. This has affected my life and the way I work with my co-workers to this present date. I work at a home rental store, we rent furniture, electronics,household appliances, and computers. We rent practically anything that you can put in yourhouse. We are the largest rent to own company in the United States and in the United Kingdom.We currently have over 1,100 stores and we have about 30,000 employees. I starte d to workfor the company because I was going to junior college and needed a job to pay the bills. At ...view middle of the document...

I have always been able to grasp new concepts and run with them, solearning new items were fun and interesting. Also through working with the company Ilearned that they had a big turn-over ratio of employees. Employees were either get tired ofworking a 50 hour work week, or they would have no chance for advancement. When I first washired there was no Market Manager of our area, so any comment that could not be answered byour manager, we could not get from the next higher person. About 6 months after I started towork we finally got a Market Manager from Chicago. His name was Bob, he was a short, stockybuild, Italian with an attitude that he was the best. All the stores in the area went throughintroducing periods, were he would come into the stores and introduce himself and see where allthe stores were performing. Bob had his position for about 6 months after he had moved toSacramento. Like all other companies ours went through a down-sizing. One of the first thingsthat the company did were to change our seven markets down to six markets, that meant thatone of the market managers had to lose there job. So the one that just received his job had togive up his job, that was Bob. The same time that this down-sizing was happening, they hadjust opened up a new store in the Sacramento area, and our manager was the one to open it up.So instead of firing Bob they gave him the management of my store. Since they had moved himover here and did not give him much time on the job, they let him keeps the salary of a marketmanager. The hardest thing in accepting Bob was that he was our market manager, andnow we have to accept him as our manager. Even though we try not to hate our bosses, we tendnot to like them that much and that works double for an even higher boss. It is not that Bob wasa bad guy, it just that he was our boss and most co-workers do not like their bosses. OnceBob got to the store we had to go through some major changes, for Bob it was, 'My way or thehighway'. He never actually said it, but actions speak louder than words. He was determined torun the store his way, in my opinion, he wanted to run the store perfectly in his own mind, that ishe ran the store the way he thought it should be run. Unfortunately what he thought was perfectwas not perfect in the mind of the new market manager for our region. The new marketmanager Mike and my boss Bob did not like each other much. Bob was angry at Mike becauseMike had his job, and Bob thought that he could do a better job at the market manager position.Mike did not like Bob because Bob was making more money than Mike and that there will alwaysbe a manager looking over your shoulder saying, 'I could have done that better.'. Aftergetting used to Bob's habits we started to work like a machine, everyone has his/her separate joband together we had the store running smoothly. We even had a time were if we met our goalsfor the week, Bob would buy us pizza lunch on Friday's. After a while, we started to hit our...

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