Case Study 2 Accident Causation Saint Leo Hra 330 Case Study Assignment

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Case Study 2 2
August 30, 2018
Case Study 2
This case study will discuss the concerns at hand as an HR representative. In this case study, Joe is the employee who brought some safety and health concerns to light and declined to continue you doing his current duties in fear of his life. Joann, his boss, declines his request and uses intimidation, threatening to fire Joe. This case is examined from an HR perspective and discusses the areas of concern within this situation.
Case Study 2
After reviewing the case between Joe and Joann, as an HR representative I find quite a few areas of concerns. At Joe’s age there must be considerations that are should be made to provide accommodation. After years of Joe working under these strenuous conditions, it is possible that his arthritis is a result. Regardless of age, having to carry up to 300 cases of oil filters upstairs in temperatures often exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit, would have an effect of any person having to perform the tasks repeatedly.
The theory of “Human Factors Theory of Accident Causation” is typical within the shipping and receiving careers and there a several factors that point out inappropriate activities, response, and overload caused by Joe’s work environment. (Goetsch, 2015) For this reason, I would highly advise against Joe being fired by management. According to our text, overload amounts to imbalances between one’s capacity at any given time and the load said persons natural ability, training, state of mind, fatigue, stress, and physical condition. (Goetsch, 2015) This case reveals burdens from environmental factors as seen with having Joe working in poorly ventilated areas with low ceiling beams.
Joann also reflects an inappropriate response to Joe expressing his concern about his conditions and the conditions to which he is expected to perform under. The hazardous condition has been detected, however she chooses to nothing to correct that condition, besides threatening to fire the employee. If Joe was to continue working under these unacceptable conditions, even after raising concerns to his management, it could directly be linked to an accident occurring. Employers are required by the Occupational Safety and Health Act for provide safe and healthy working conditions for their employees, free from recognized hazards. (OSHA Publications)
This same act also protects employees like Joe if threats like the one Joann implied were ever followed through with. The request Joe raised was a...

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