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In order to create a material, engineers look at it’s technical efficiency and it’s environmental impact. In the last decade, environmental pollution has become increasingly controversial. The pollution is a result of engineers tending to concentrate their researches on the technical efficiency instead of also taking in consideration the environmental impact of the material. This trend has lead to a situation nowadays where environmental pollution is a really sensitive question. It has been argued that most of the materials created by humans have a significant negative impact on the environment. Human beings will always create materials but is it not possible to create a material that is completely environmentally friendly. This essay will focus on the material used in the automotive industry.
The creation of completely environmental friendly material is a task that is very difficult to accomplish especially when we take into consideration the issues with the creation, the assembly and finally the use of these materials. This essay will firstly discuss the improvements targeting the creation of environmental friendly cars that have been done in the automotive industry. Secondly, we will demonstrate that even though the improvements were actually relevant, they don’t guaranty the creation of such a material.
Improvements brought on electrics cars and ultra low:
Engineers have brought improvements to the former cars models in order to solve pollution issues. Among them, ultra low emission vehicles and, electric engines that allow a significant reduction of the fuel’s use. Recent researches indicate that electric cars could be an alternative to vehicles with an internal combustion engine (Helmers & Marx, 2012). Moreover, Helmers & Marx (2012) added that because electric cars use an electric battery, their use is considered safe for the environment by reason of the absence of production of any greenhouse gases in contrary to vehicles using an internal combustion engine. The electric engine is one of the recent modification brought by engineers, we also have ultra low emissions cars.
Ultra low fuel cars, even though using fossil energy just like the conventional fuel cars consume considerably less fuel than these cars. Engineers worked on thermal efficiency on the engine, the chassis and they body of the car to make it lighter (Fukou et al, 2000). These improvements have lead to a car consuming less fuel and also which is easy to recycle. The technology used to improve the combustion of the engine is the lean-burn technology (Fukou et al, 2000). Lean and burn combustion is: “a lean amount of fuel supplied to and burned in an engine’s combustion chamber. Gasoline burns best in standard internal combustion engines when it is mixed with air in the proportions of 14.7:1 — nearly 15 parts of air to every one part of fuel. A true lean-burn can go as high as 32:1” (Gable, 2016). Cars’ users or pedestrians, people are conscious of ...


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