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Visual Arts – ATAR Year 12
Task 3, Unit 3 – Commentaries
Assessment type: Investigation
• Your case study must be completed in your own time. You have four weeks to complete the task (commencing week 4).
• You will be given one period (50 minutes) to write your essay in-class, under exam conditions
• Investigation performance will be further assessed in an end of unit examination.
• Case study- 10 April 2019
• Extended response essay- 13 May 2019
Total task weighting
17.5% - your case study and extended response essay are weighted at 8.75% (40 marks) each.
Part 1: Case Study- Research the work of an artist of your own choice 40 marks (8.5%)
IMPORTANT – for the purpose of the Visual Arts written examination, it is recommended that the artist be of national or
international repute and have something to say about the world and his/her place in it.
• Commence your investigation/research by constructing a research table. Choose two artworks by the artist you
have selected. You will complete the research table by responding under specific headings and referring to the
same two artworks (see example).
• Use the research table to record the information you have gathered. Remember to list all your sources so that you
can provide a bibliography and references for any direct quotes you choose to include in your work. You are
required to submit a cover page and bibliography with your investigation, referencing all sources you have used.
• Your research will serve as a study document for examinations, as you will apply your knowledge in the Extended
Response section of the Visual Arts Exam.
Part 2: Extended Response Essay 40 marks (8.5%)
To prepare for your exam, you will be required to develop a response to an essay question based on the way social, cultural,
historical and/or political contexts have informed your case study artist’s commentaries/points of view. You will prepare your
response in your own time and will be given one period in class to write your essay.
See question on SEQTA or original Course Document handouts.
Case Study Structure 2019
Artwork 1
Artwork Name, Year
How is the artist’s life experiences and psychology reflected in his/her artwork?
What was going on in the world when the artist was alive and working?
How did this affect them personally and artistically?...

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