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Cambridge College
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Case Study
Elon Musk is in an Empire State of Mind
Andrii Bilinets
Course Number: MMG-511.CA02
Foundations of Management
Professor: Stephen Lyons
Fall 2017
Being a great inventor nowadays Elon Musk facing many challenges running and managing SolarCity. Preparing SolarCity to make it’s own solar panels Musk facing such challenges as: first of all, competition with Chinese solar panels. Chinese solar panels are very cheap and making it’s own solar panels SolarCity needs to have a competitive price for solar panels. Second of all, SolarCity is working on rising capacity of panels to 1000 megawatts, which is higher and better for solar panels, but rising capacity rises the solar panel price. Third of all, building many solar panels means that a lot of land is going to be covered by them. Plus, panels can not be built just somewhere, efficiency of the solar panels depends on location too.
Chinese solar panels are very cheap and making its own solar panels SolarCity needs to have a competitive price for them. Elon Musk’s cousin, who is SolarCity co-founder said that they want out-Chinese panels by lowering the price for solar panels. They see how to make the price lower and by the time they produce panels the SolarCity product will be cheaper than Chinese panels, which will be pushing Chinese product away from market. Beside this, SolarCity is trying to improve their product before start production of their own solar panels.
SolarCity is working on rising capacity of panels to 1000 megawatts, which is higher and better for solar panels, but rising capacity rises the price. Rising capacity of solar panels is very important: higher efficiency, more competitive product, less land could be covered by panels with the same efficien...


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265 words - 2 pages Key Points:Poor Strategic Direction - Expansion:North America: limited experience and knowledge of this market. Did not have resources and understanding required to surviveDistribution Relationships - Corona:Perhaps guilty of neglecting existing relationships (Corona) in the effort to try and expand and form or strengthen other relationships (Schweppes, Budweiser, Danone etc.)Takeovers - 1994:Extended takeover battle spanning around half a year

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967 words - 4 pages Case Study AnalysisKelly KirklandComm/215September 12, 2014Colette Wanless-SobelThesis:Carl At ABC Inc, has run into problems at his job as a recruiter. Carl has a lack of organizational skills, leading ability, planning, time management, and controlling. I am going to discuss Carl's problems and solutions to those problems.Background:Carl Robins is the new campus recruiter at ABC Inc. He has hired 15 new trainees to work under Monica Carrolls

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1255 words - 6 pages communication is important in handling a crisis within an organization. The case study: "There's a syringe in my Pepsi can!" will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of communication among PepsiCo and its publics.In the summer of 1993, PepsiCo found itself in a fast, widespread news story during that time. Multiple claims of foreign objects being found in unopened cans of Diet Pepsi were surfacing. On June 9, 1993, a couple from Tacoma, Washington

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2605 words - 11 pages fundamental to business success. Understanding and balancing the marketing mix enables an organisation to uniquely position its brand to drive sales of its products and services. To remain as a market leader a business needs to continually look at new ways of engaging and exciting customers in its products and services.This case study has shown how Kellogg's is able to remain as market leader through its implementation of groundbreaking marketing

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7055 words - 29 pages , Capital Expenditure and Takeover Issues. (Refer to appendix 1.1 for details)Ratios Used in the Case Study (Refer to appendix 1.2 for details of the multiples)Book to Market MultipleThe ratio can be calculated based on the current market price.Book to market ratio = Market Value of Share Book Value of ShareThe market to book ratio suggests that for every $1 of book value, the market is willing to pay $x10.Price Earnings Multiple12A price earning

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5505 words - 23 pages Questions1. How has developed since July 1995 to its present position at the end of the Case Study?2. How would you define the business, as well as the industry, that is in,at the end of the case study?3. How is technology likely to drive the strategy and affect future industry structures?4. What criteria can be used to highlight the changes in strategic paradigm taking place due to e-commerce?5. How has

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1524 words - 7 pages ZAP!!, A Case Study AnalysisZAP!! needs to be zapped. ZAP!! has a problem that will not go away. ZAP!! management has implemented a new manufacturing quality control system and would like full employee participation. However, not all employees (assemblers) participate in the weekly quality control meetings and those who do are reluctant to address the issues or express their views. ZAP!! management does not want to terminate any of the

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4636 words - 19 pages music that is popular and accepted to the country and they also work on sponsoring new locally produced shows. Just like in the case of MTV in India, the Indian MTV channel produces twenty one home grown shows and promotes the music which was originated in their place. It can also be heard that in MTV India they are promoting movies which are produced by Indian movie industry. But then, with tall the challenges and opportunities that MTV encountered

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684 words - 3 pages Case Study Thirteen Days- Business Management When watching this movie, I felt very anxious in wondering what would happen next with every plan being speculated and each decision being made. I absolutely loved how President John F. Kennedy carefully and thoroughly sought out which resolutions were best for not just him but the United States. Special Assistant to President Kenneth O'Donnell was supportive not only as the President's Special

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2669 words - 11 pages every transactions done.b. Strengths and weaknesses analysisSTRENGTHS WEAKNESSESOne of the leading dollar store retailers in the USImproved financial performanceStores located in small communitiesInvested in better distribution facilities Space issuesMerchandise mix problemsLost of competitive advantageStrengthsDollar General is one of the leading dollar store retailers in the US. The Company enjoys a strong market position within this particular

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459 words - 2 pages issue. Blood relations can be parents and children, brothers and sisters, grandparents and grandchildren, and husbands and wives. Life insurance policies are based upon an insurable interest that must exist at the time the policy is issued. Therefore, if spouses divorce, unless the policy contains a clause to terminate upon divorce, the policy may be maintained. Affinity In the case presented, Ajax Insurance Co. is correct to not pay the claim

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334 words - 2 pages Kazakhstan Institute of Management Economics and ResearchCase Study"Acme Whistles"Almaty 2004The overlap between operations, marketing and product/service development at Acme Whistles is the quality control process. Acme Whistles is the small company and it influence to the activity of the firm as the whole. Everybody in the company is responsible for the quality of the product and service. Every employee feels himself as member of a big family

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4689 words - 19 pages Executive SummaryAmcor is a major packaging company that has expanded its global business through various acquisitions worldwide. The strategy adopted by the company is in line with the vision of the company to gain competitive edge over its competitors. Besides being in the packaging industry, it has diversified into other market segments in order to avoid being tied down in one segment. After a series of acquisitions, Amcor has decided to

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754 words - 4 pages Case 1 1. The impact on institutional investors is an interesting one. Institutions rely on dividends for their returns as they are usually exposed to companies with more robust track records and consistent dividends. They would be concerned that their dividend percentage would be lower if the EPS estimates were lower. In the long run, institutional investors will understand the lowered EPS after a significant acquisition and be willing to hold

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1329 words - 6 pages Running head: Contaminated Water Source Case Study 1 Contaminated Water Source Case Study 2 Contaminated Water Source Case Study Bo Zhang 2019/04/29 Fisher College Background Due to a 4-Methylcyclohexane Methanol spill on the Elk river, it left about 300,000 people out of domestic water supply. The contaminates influenced 9 counties and cause schools and businesses shut down. According to a Reuters report, contaminate chemical product is leaked