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Case Study Report
IMS100 INformation management Systems
Assessment 3
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ABC Timber and Hardware are a small chain of hardware stores operating out of 12 branches across the state. The current Information Management System (IMS) requires expert personnel to extract relevant information from the accounting system and therefore requires a longer period of time to progress down the supply chain. As a result, sales representatives are being presented with untimely and ineffective information. To resolve this problem a complete system overhaul is in place to replace the old information system with a completely new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Thus, providing all employees across 12 branches access to ‘real time’ data that is relevant to make effective and successful decisions to benefit the business.
Existing System’s Strengths and Weaknesses
ABC timber and hardware are operating a sophisticated computer network with a state of the art accounting system. The purpose of an Accounting Information System (AIS) is to collect, store, and process financial and accounting data and produce reports that managers can use for decision making. The issues with this system include limited accessibility for all personnel across the 12 branches. Limited access is resulting in untimely data preventing Sales Managers from making efficient and effective decisions. Company employees have been working for ABC Timber and Hardware for many years and the Board of Directors are concerned with the issue of ageing sales representatives retiring with expert and tacit knowledge.
Strengths of the current IMS
· Loyal employees and cliental who trust ABC Timber and Hardware
· Data on customers and sales are already stored in current IMS
· The current IMS does not show signs of security risks
· Sales personnel are already familiar with the current IMS and therefore minimal training is required
Weaknesses of the current IMS
· Ageing sales staff may retire with tacit knowledge that cannot be obtained from current IMS
· Data is not available to all sales personnel in real time
· Untimely data is resulting in inefficient and outdated decision making
· Limited accessibility
· System not up to date with current software and applications
Emerging Technologies Relevant to the Existing System
Operating System Questions
1. What software does your current accounting system use for processing data?
2. Where does the IMS store its data? If it is not stored in the cloud, what are your companies privacy policies on storing customer data in the cloud?
3. What is the company’s budget for implementing a new IMS? This cost would also have to involve additional training costs. Cloud based software reduces costs as updates are free and automatic.
4. Does the software require custom integration to meet mandatory business requirements? If so, costs and time integrating new IMS will increase.
ABC Timber and Hardware are currently operating two forms of Information...

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