Case Study Templete For Work Health And Safety Mit Case Study

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This form can help set out your risk management process for managing cash-in-transit security risks.
Using this form is not mandatory—you can use whatever means are most useful and practical to manage risks at your workplace.
Customer Name
Branch of Business
Date of Assessment
Client Code
Servicing Branch/es
Customer Address
Post Code
Name of Contact
Fax No
Days of Service
When Required
Maximum Daily Value
$ Collection:
$ Delivery
Service Provided
2 Key Safe
Banking Service
Banking Service
Travel Time
Cash Collection
Break Down Service
Survey Time
Bulk Deliver
Receipt for Cash
Receipt for Cash
Admin Time
Cheque for Cash
Cheque for Cash
Km Travel
Armoured Service
978-1-74361-716-8 [Multi-Vol. Set]
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Special Client Instructions:
Recommended Parking (see work site map)
All security providers should vary parking within designated guidelines
On Site
Parking Meter
Loading Zone
Off Street
Parking Station
Loading Dock
Designated (as per map)
Street Directory
Offender Concealment
Public Access
Access to Client Premises
Approach Route
Car Parks
Poorly Visible Route
Areas of Concealment
Public Access
Fire Doors
Sample form for the risk management process July 2014 Page 2 of 2
Cash Office
Hold-up Alarm
On Site Security
On Site Security Armed
Access Control
Closed Circuit Television
Vehicle to Control
Unsatisfactory—Counter Measure (See Comments)
Unsatisfactory—Counter Measure (See Comments)
Portable to Vehicle
Unsatisfactory—Counter Measure...

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