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September 18, 2018
The eyes are the most amazing, intricate organs of the human body that serve us solely for vision. They are uniquely designed is to help capture beautiful three dimensional, moving images, via rod and cone cells in the retina; a process which allows light perceptions and vision including color differentiation, perception, and depth. While there are various eye disorders associated with the eye, one of the most common disorders is cataracts. Cataracts form hindrances with vision which lead can to serious eye problems, including blindness.
A cataract is a clouding of the lens of the eye, caused by the clumping of proteins that causes indistinctness and cloudiness, resulting in vision problems that is unclear, and producing distorted images within the eye. Cataracts are typically related to aging, therefore are commonly more prevalent among the geriatric population. According to The American Academy of Ophthalmology, the number of incidences of cataracts In the United States affects more than 24.4 million Americans are aged 40 years and older ("Eye Health Statistics", 2018).
Cataracts vary in severity. Some are small and have no effect on vision, Whereas, others grow and become larger over time, causing strain in an individual’s vision. Several reasons for the development of various cataracts may be linked to radiation or ultraviolet exposure, health related diseases/lifestyles, congenital disease, or simply aging (Cataracts, 2018).
Different types of cataracts include Congenital, Secondary, Radiation, and Traumatic. Congenital cataracts present at birth or can develop during childhood. Nearly 1 out of 5,000 infants are subject to congenital cataracts. Often, cataracts found in children are minute and can affect one or both eyes. With successful treatment of congenital cataracts, near-normal vision can be achieved no little risks of complication Secondary cataracts can result from surgery, prolonged exposure to sunlight, health related problems, or drug use. Health issues and drugs include diabetes, hypertension, drinking alcohol, and smoking. Radiation cataracts develop after the eyes have been exposed to any type of radiation. Lastly, traumatic cataracts may progress from an eye injury or damage (Gupta, Rajagopala, & Ravishankar, 2014).
Symptoms associated with cataracts can severely impair an individual’s function of daily living. For those living with cataracts, may experience vision involving blurriness, dullness, color fading vision, glare, poor night vision, double vision, or having to make frequent adjustment their eyeglass or contact lens prescriptions. Depending on the individual, difficulties may also include other activities such as driving (due to glare of oncoming lights), reading, recognizing faces, cooking, using a computer, or viewing television (“Night Vision Problem”, 2016). Studies have...

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