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Marwa Boutahar
Catch me if you can questions
1. During the length of the movie catch me if you can, the main character Frank Abagnale
did a number of unethical things that helped him accomplish his success in many
different jobs. One of the main unethical actions that Frank did was using fraudulent
checks. Throughout the movie he began to make his own cheques at home by copying
legitimate cheques. He also used pilot’s cheques even though he was not a real pilot.
Frank impersonated many people in many jobs such as a pilot, doctor and teacher.
Faking these jobs hurt a lot of people that were not involved in his situation. For example
being a pilot that is not qualified could put all the passengers on that plane in danger
without them even knowing it.
2. The word fraud means any type of wrongful or criminal action that is used for deception
for any type of personal gain. Frank Abagnale committed many different types of fraud
throughout the movie. Some examples include identity theft, bank fraud and mail fraud.
During the movie he stole other people’s identities and licenses which is how he was
able to fake being a doctor, pilot and teacher. He also forged a transcript from harvard
law to put on his resume. The bank fraud committed in the movie was mostly just the
checking fraud that Frank did. He made is own checks which is not legal and was using
them to gain money.
3. Frank Abagnale was always on the move because that how he kept distance between
himself and the FBI and his parents. The FBI was constantly tracking his check usage
and if he ever stayed in one place he would have been caught. At first at the beginning
he didn’t want to be found by his parents.
4. Frank Abagnale is a very confident and persuasive person. When he was impersonating
others, was very good at thinking on the spot and being able to act at à certain level of
maturity which made his stories very believable. His confidence and how charismatic he
was helped him when impersonating à pilot because that’s the attitude most pilots. The
fact that he was persuasive and good at acting helped him when having his encounter
with the FBI because when he stated t...


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