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Why is the amount of motor vehicle accidents increasing every year?
Besides, do you know how the accident's effects are? Nowadays, traffic accidents
all over the world cause big problems and are quite disturbing. It is a fact that
vehicle accidents are happening not only daily but also hourly. The number of
automobile accidents is unstoppable and is sharply growing up which has left
many serious influences such as disability or death, traffic congestion, and
financial problems. To explain for the increase in road traffic accidents, there are
three main reasons: impaired driving, distracted driving, and not following driving
The first cause of car accidents is impaired driving which operates vehicles
under the influence of alcohol or drugs. People do not know how dangerous it is
when they drank too much, they will feel overconfident. Driving after consuming
alcohol reduces people’s concentration as well as the ability of the brain to reaction
with things what is happening on the road and increases the risk of an accident.
Apart from alcohol, drugs also impair to people’s judgment, reaction time,
coordination and motor skills. In addition, their negative side effects are
detrimental to safe driving. It is more worrisome when Cannabis is legal in
Canada. Impairment can last for more than 24 hours after cannabis use, even a
small amount of cannabis also makes you drive high, as a result, your risk of
crashing more than doubles.
The second cause of motor vehicle collisions is distracted driving. Many
people accepted that they have formed a habit of using a cell phone while they are
driving. The truth is using electronic devices is a dangerous distraction, many
people tend to miss the traffic signals. Using a phone to call, send text messages,
and read a message takes their eyes off the road and does not pay attention to other
cars and things around. Just a second, when you do not distract your attention away
from the road also cause an accident. For instance, when you are concentrating on
texting, there has a pedestrian crossing and you do not enough time to react for
stopping your car; consequently, you hit the pedestrian or even worst leading mass
accidents. Another major type of distraction is the effect of emotion makes you not
to be in full possession of your senses. Other causes of distracting driving may eat
or drink, make-up, look ...

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