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According to United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization; an estimated 18 million acres of forest are lost each year worldwide. (The size of the country of Panama!)
Deforestation is the permanent removal of forests to make land available.
Deforestation is a concerning worldwide problem; that is why its causes, effects and solutions will be revealed.
· Deforestation is caused by an extensive list of elements
The leading factor of deforestation is Agricultural Activities, such as; unmeetable demand for food and chopping trees down to grow crops.
Auxiliary, pollution would be the second biggest factor that affects deforestation, since it causes contamination to land, water, and air.
Urbanization, which is caused mainly by overpopulation joined by logging; mining and forest fires are the accessory factors that affect deforestation.
· Agricultural activities, pollution and urbanization are the main causing factors of deforestation; they have an immense effect on earth and its living organisms.
According to the World Bank; in the past fifty years the world has seen the lost of forest area equivalent to the area of the country of South Africa and a lost of seventeen percent of the Amazonian rainforest.
With over 250million people and eighty percent of the worlds flora and fauna living in rainforests, deforestation most definitely affects the whole world.
These information raises awareness towards the real effect’s deforestation has on the environment.
The most unsettling effect has to be the loss of habitat.
Soil erosion and flooding are the second most important since it goes hand in hand with the loss of habitat. This all contributes to what we know as climate change.
· We have seen the causes and effects of deforestation on the whole planet; now let’s see what we can do about it!
The most realistic way to stop deforestation is by encouraging and educating countries to put into action rules and laws that prevent deforestation
Consequently, the most practical method to stop deforestation is via a complete ban of cutting trees down and preserving forests by law.
Planting a tree for every tree cut down to produce something is a working method; it has been put into action by some communities that have proven to be effective, if done correctly.
Because deforestation affects everyone’s daily life, either now or in the future. Bringing awareness and educating the whole world; especially governments is crucial.
· We can now see the causes; effects; and possible solutions of deforestation in the world.
One can help by raising awareness via social media; recycling every single item that can be recycled; and choosing wisely when shopping for food and commodities that are forest-friendly. If the world keeps continuing to deforest so much; we will be seeing a more sever spike in climate change, where extreme natural phenomena’s will be occurring constantly, everywhere

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