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Each country has its own customs, traditions, holidays, and important days in its history. Talking of holidays in Ukraine we can't but tell about everybody's favourite New Year Holiday. People think that at night on New Year's eve the old year with all its troubles leaves us forever and the new year with all our hopes and expectations knocks at our doors. People decorate the Christmas tree, have New Year parties and prepare presents for their relatives and friends. On the eve of January the 7th Ukrainians start celebrating Christmas. It's the day of Jesus Christ's birthday and it is widely celebrated all over Ukraine. People sing carols, cook a traditional Ukrainian Christmas dish na ...view middle of the document...

On May the 9th we celebrate the anniversary of Victory over Nazi Germany. People go to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier who died at war defending our country from fascists, put flowers to the monuments, and in the evening everybody goes to see the holiday salute. On August the 24th we celebrate the Day of Independence of Ukraine, which was proclaimed in 1991 on the decision of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine after the attempt of the military coup d'etat in Moscow.We also like our holidays because we always have our family reunion on these days.У кожній країні є свої звичаї, традиції, свята і знаменні дні її історії. Говорячи про свята в Україні, не можна не сказати про улюблене всіма свято Нового року. Люди сподіваються, що в ніч напередодні Нового року старий рік з усіма своїми бідами полишає нас назавжди, а новий рік з усіма надіями й сподіваннями стукає у двері. Люди прикрашають новорічну ялинку, влаштовують новорічні вечірки й дарують подарунк


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496 words - 2 pages Free , along with other holidays, is a tradition in my family that we always seem to keep true year after year. My dad is usually the one who keeps his family traditions alive with our family because he loves each holiday and the traditions his family has had for years. Although every Christmas morning is a hassle to deal with the annoyance of my father and the traditions he loves, I come to expect it and would be sad if these traditions were to

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2381 words - 10 pages entire stores are dedicated to selling only toys. The most popular of these is Toys ‘R’ Us (with a backwards “R”). Their mascot is Geoffrey the Giraffe. Children love to go to Toys ‘R’ Us and look at the wide variety of toys available. Most children receive the greatest quanitity of toys on their birthdays, or during the holiday season in December. For the majority of children, this holiday is Christmas. For Jewish children, the holiday is

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1119 words - 5 pages Free exchanges presents then usually goes back to sleep for a little while. Later that day they meet up with their other relatives for a big family dinner at grandmas. Thanksgiving is another big holiday Savannah celebrates. Once again Savannah and her family go to her grandmas in Washington to have a big family meal and tell everyone what they are thankful for. Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving aren’t the only holidays they celebrate. They also

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2304 words - 10 pages . The lights from the puja function are then used to illuminate more pottery lights, and these are put in columns along the parapets of sanctuaries and houses. Some set diyas untied on waterways and streams. After the puja, individuals go outside and celebrate by illuminating patakhe (firecrackers) together and afterward share a family devour, discussions and mithai (desserts, pastries). Bhai Duj: This day customarily commends the love and common

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806 words - 4 pages forever. A phone called that would make her 7-year-old daughter, 3-year-old son, and two months old baby girl fatherless. Each child would grow up without half of their DNA. These children would be left with memories. They would celebrate every holiday by laying flowers on his gravestone. The newborn baby would be stuck without having any of her own memories of her father but just families. At the end, this memory would teach this family that whatever life throws at you always get backed up and to cherish family because you never know what will happen. The date of February 18, 2002, will always be a traumatic memory in this family life forever.

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3779 words - 16 pages think that non-custodial mothers are either selfish, or unfit. While this may be the case with some mothers, this is not my story. Let’s back up 4 years. It was winter, December 13, 2014. My ex-husband, myself, family members and many close friends were about to celebrate Marshall’s third birthday. The theme was cute and simple. Rainbow Colored Polka Dots. An assortment of colored paper plates filled the walls. Streamers hung artfully

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3514 words - 15 pages potential solutions. Two-way communication occurs when teachers and parents dialogue together. Effective dialogue “develops out of a growing trust, a mutuality of concern, and an appreciation of contrasting perspectives”. A teacher may contact parents to celebrate a child’s successful school experience. However, more frequently, the contact is to share a concern about the child, which can be a source of significant tension for both teachers and parents

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5129 words - 21 pages Free Italian Festivals, we enjoy eating kebabs and sushi and get invited to friend’s ceremonies that take place in different places of worship. We help celebrate milestones and dance to music that we may not always understand but we accept that any differences are just a part of who that other person is and it is our job to accept these things. Our ability to accept things that are new and different, as well as our ability to tolerate things that we may

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1433 words - 6 pages 1 Brandell Hannah Brandell Prof. Tamara O’Callaghan ENG151H-007 5 May 2017 Walter Freeman and the Invention of the Lobotomy In Steely Library’s digital archives, one of the postcards from the Gilliam family collection is entitled Western Kentucky Asylum for the Insane, Hopkinsville, KY. The postcard dates back to 1915 and portrays a beautiful building, complete with red bricks and white columns. Many of the insane asylums around this time were