Cell Phones Should Be Allowed In Class Sophomore Mountain House High School Essay

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Aulakh 1
Sarvjot Aulakh
Mr. Lemieux
English 10 Period 1
08 September 2016
The Prison of Cell Phones
“Technology can be our best friend, and technology can also be the biggest party pooper of our
lives. It interrupts our own story, interrupts our ability to have a thought or a daydream, to imagine
something wonderful, because we're too busy bridging the walk from the cafeteria back to the office on
the cell phone”(Spielberg) (brain quote)This quotation states that the cell phones become our best
friend, but they also make our whole life busy or full of stress and this changes the whole story of life.
Their is huge problem and increasing one of students are taking the cell phones in school .They are
creating many problems in classes by taking cell phones they are distracting their friends by chatting and
by calling in their phones ,and in exam they are taking photos of question paper and passing to their
friend which is totally bad for their future. “Some would argue that cellphones make excellent learning
tools and should be used in innovative ways for our digital natives to make learning relevant” (quest
garden), but it could lead to distraction, cheating on exam and create lot of problems for the students.
Cell phones create too many distractions​. ​Many of the students have cell phones in these new
world.Many of the students were doing chatting with their friends which is leading to distraction during
their class . This thing cames part of the students daily life.Phones are useful in emergency not for any
other usage like chatting and calling to their friends in twitter,snapchat,instagram etc; . There is much
chances in schools that someone’s phone rings during class and it lead to distraction and put away from
the teacher’s teaching and forget about the topic what they are doing in . This is harmful effect for
students study.This things are disturbing other students which are doing study . This is also difficult for
the teacher to ask the questions from the distractors and they are not giving the answers. Cellphone
Aulakh 2
should not allowed in classes because they would lead to decrease in knowledge of students study, also
it would make difficult to the student to concentrate on their studies and they are not getting good
grades in their subject in which they are studying for.
Cell phones create too many cheating cases . All the cellphones have the whatsapp ,facebook
,twitter and snapchat, and students are doing chatting with their friends without caughted by another
person .​With the built in cameras on most every cell phone. The opportunities for cheating aggressive
increase. Take a example of written exam. The teacher looks away for a moment and doing his/her work
1 or 2 students take a photo of the exam and share their exam with others friends​ . If students want to
cheat in test they can do so. If the teacher accept to take cellphones in school this process can lead to
cheating on tests and if they are caught by doing cheating...

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