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Cell Cycle Essay
The cell cycle can be thought as the life cycle of the cell. In other words, it is the series of growth and development steps, a cell undergoes between its birth, formation by division of a mother cell, and reproduction to make new daughter cells.
To begin with, cell starts from two completely different cells, which are called Gamiest. Gamiets are reproductive cells, those are the Egg cell of mother that has 23 chromosomes, and the Sperm cell of the father, which also has 23 chromosomes. When those two cells getting combined, they are creating the 46 chromosome cell that called Zygote. Zygote is the fertilized egg, the first somatic cell, also known as a parental cell. Zygote growth and splits into two Daughter cells. Daughter cells are identical replication of the parental zygote cell. The process of division of zygote into two daughter cells called Cytokinesis. The fastest complete cell cycle in humans takes approximately 24 hours, from the parental cell “zygote” all the way to two daughter.
Each cell cycle goes through the three main steps, which can be defines as Interphase, Mitosis, and Cytokinesis.
Interphase is the most time consuming phase that takes approximately 23 hour of all 24 hours needed for the cell to complete its cycle. During the Interphase cell growth and copying chromosomes in the preparation for the cell division. Interphase is divided into three main steps, which are: G1 phase, S phase, and G2 Phase.
G1 Phase: During G1 phase, also called the first gap phase, the cell grows physically larger, copies organelles, and makes the molecular building blocks it will need in later steps. During G1 phase cell starts doing its particular work.
G1 Check point, is the point when each cell has to decide whether its going to duplicate or it should stop and continue doing its work. In order to make such a decision cell receives the external such as hormone and paracrine system signals, and internal signals such as chemical reactions signals. Even though they are receiving the signal to decide, most cell are Genetically predispositioned, that means they are already know whether to duplicate or no to.
G0 phase: is the phase where the cells that are decided to stop replication settles down. Such as brain cell, muscle cells and ext.
In humans, cells going only through the G1 check point, and upon it’s approval, in the human cells going through the...

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