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Censorship in America "Get your stinky, yellow ass off my property before I pop your guts full of blood!" I don't think any of the parents would want their little children running around the house repeating all the bad things they've just seen on a television. Hundreds of tragedies occur each year, which involve children imitating their TV idols. Children don't know the difference between a TV and reality. America should get smart and protect their children. That is why censorship in books, television programs, and music should be enforced. What kind of books do children read? Books have a significant influence on child's behavior. Violent literature leaves a youngster without sympathy to a suffering. Therefore, it shouldn't be a surprise for adults to see their children torturing a pet, hurting someone physically, or even shooting a classmate. A recent example can be the Columbine High School Shooting where two students shot eleven classmates and at the end committed suicide. This happened because their idol was Hitler who they worshiped and were obsessed by him. These actions are the consequences of violence in books. Some music contains a lot of profanity in it. Rock music, known as heavy metal, proclaims lyrics of violence, harshness, satanism, and suicide. After listening to such music, children start to imitate their idols. In America, the number one baby-sitter is television. From an early Saturday morning shows, there are a lot of cartoons that portray violence in unrealistic ways. According a study by the American Psychological Association (APA), the average child will watch 8,000 murders and 100,000 acts of violence on television before finishing elementary school. Aleth C. Hustun states in the article "Does Television Cause Violence?" that "there is evidence that TV can cause aggressive behavior." If children spend three-four hours each day watching television, certainly they will start to copy "heroes" in their plays and their violent behavior. On TV children watch people get shot, and then they just get up and start walking like nothing happened. Children don't understand that it is not the same in real life. So when kids are left home alone, they find a gun that is not in a safe place and accidentally kill someone thinking that the victim will get up and walk again. Parents who are concerned about their children's future should work together to change what is wrong. Do you want your child to turn into a terrible person after watching pornographic shows, reading violent literature, or listening to wrong kind of music? I don't think any parents would want their youngsters to repeat profanity from movies, start to imitate their idols by killing someone, or maybe even committing suicide. American children must be protected from a culture of violence by censoring books, TV programs, and music.


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638 words - 3 pages also suffer aches for having to use heavy items and move heavy materials all day. In the chapter we look closer into the life of one coal miner named Smitty he uses the bar after work so that he can forget about work and to take out the rage that it creates in him. He tells Laskas that not only does he just go to the bar but he also looks for fights with the people in the bars to get his mind off of his life. This in turn turned the violence from

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1659 words - 7 pages include technology, dissatisfaction, and loss of knowledge. In order to build an unpleasant culture, the author tainted the people with technology which changed their mentality of reality. Technology distracts society from knowing the truth of the revolution failing: “Will you turn the parlour off?” he asked. “That's my family.” (Bradbury 48-49) ​“‘Will you turn the parlor off?’ he asked. ‘That’s my family.’ ‘Will you turn it off for a sick man

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1126 words - 5 pages to keeping them ignorant from the real world? In my opinion, censorship in any form whatsoever is blatant disrespect to artistic integrity, and is completely unacceptable. In the United States, the first amendment protects everyone from being censored by the government. People in other countries don’t have this privilege however. In the east African country of Eritrea, President Isaias Afewerki has made it so that only state media can disseminate

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899 words - 4 pages , different illusions and hallucinations. That is why in the conversation between Jerry and Dr. Elton, when Jerry brought up the yellow pill and told him to take it, Dr. Elton was confused. “I wonder how he knew about the yellow pills? I can't get out of my mind the fact that if we had spaceships and if there were a type of space madness in which you began to personify objects, a yellow pill would be the right thing to stop that." That is when the roles

This Essay Covers Different Aspects Of Censorship Such As School Sex Censorship, Book Censorship And Even Library Censorship. Includes References And Standard MLA

3756 words - 16 pages .In today's plethora of the information age, censorship has become a prime issue for debate and concern in arenas such as books, music, the media and especially, the Internet. The role of Governmental Censorship is an ever-evolving one where one must pose the question of who is in control? As a result, censorship is a very controversial topic in which not many maintain a neutral stance. The difficulty lies in being able to establish a boundary

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883 words - 4 pages the same as they are now. Most women were dehumanized and not treated like others. For example, after marrying Katherina, Petruchio was describing how helpful she is in different situations: “She is my good, my chattels, she is my house,/ my household stuff, my field, my barn,/ my horse, my ox, my ass, my anything;” (III, ii, 230-232). This quote is important because it introduces the way men thought about women were thought of. Nowadays, women

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756 words - 4 pages accident to family problem: “ disaster came, broke two-piece, hate this game” .In this poem, I use symbol as a technique. For example the term “ bagel” represent for losses in tennis. Or the term “game” is represent for my journey in America. I also uses a lot of rhetorical question to create a dramatic effect, shows how desperate is my feeling : “ worst day of my life?” Desperate Red and yellow, these scare my fellows Survivors never forget, poverty


1445 words - 6 pages she destroyed the wallpaper “I pulled and she shook, I shook and she pulled, and before morning we had peeled off yards of that paper”(Gilman, 657). However, in The Cask of Amontillado, the setting is used to create suspense, it helps us readers to imagine what it was like directing Fortunato under the catacombs straight to his death. Therefore, without the setting, both stories would not have had an active theme. Moreover, in The Yellow

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960 words - 4 pages pelvis). Although many views are not as strict as in 1957, music censorship is becoming more of a concern among parents of young children. According to the Boston Globe, Wal-Mart has decided not to "carry record albums with parental advisory stickers and will even ask artists to change what they perceive to be objectionable lyrics and CD covers" (Morse c13). I can't believe Wal-Mart has the audacity to treat music artists like this. These are

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965 words - 4 pages should have never hung around of that dickhead Jeff, he was always a pain in the ass, and he was the one that forced me to take my first cigarette. And also the teachers at the school didn’t give a crap what the students did, they only cared about saving their ass. [Eyes and mouth wide open]. When I told my principle that I was dropping out of school he gave me a smile and said good bye. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! [Clenches his fist and starts punching the

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529 words - 3 pages shoes. I pushed myself up off of the tile floor and looked into the oval-shaped mirror. “This is it. Your last two games. Your last chance to play the game you love with the teammates you love. Your last chance to make it to state. Play your heart out,” I thought to myself. I snatched up my things, shoved them into my navy blue backpack, and headed to warmups. I met my team outside the bathroom and we jogged past all six courts to get to our warmup

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962 words - 4 pages we’re at it why did you lug me all the way down to New York? For a joke?' 'I know you uncle. Benjamin Kravitz. He's a childish man. I don't like him.' 'Maybe he doesn't like you either.' 'Maybe. But you like me.' 'What makes you so sure?' 'There's something wrong. A mistake somewhere when a boy your age is already pursuing money like he had a hot poker up his ass.'” (Richler, 161). The role model that was once so prominent in Duddy`s life was now

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1801 words - 8 pages my sake and for our child's sake, as well as for your own…It is a false and foolish fancy. Can you not trust me as a physician when I tell you so?" (Gilman 679). Clearly, John is good at standing on a higher position to talk to his wife, and he equally good at suppressing the narrator’s “foolish fancy” (Gilman 679) for he is a physician. On the aspect of the narrator, particularly in dealing with her husband, she is always in a controlled status

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1013 words - 5 pages around that dance floor. I remember thing this can’t be real I'm going to wake up any minute now. But I didn’t, five songs had come and gone before someone broke the trans we were in. I don’t even remember who butted in I just floated off the dance floor. I was headed to bathroom to pull myself back down to earth. When he caught me by elbow “let's get out of here” he said as he pulled me towards the door. I didn’t even hesitate as followed him out the door. The only thought I had was we pulled away is my mom would kill me if she seen me on the back of this Harley wearing this dress. I

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2270 words - 10 pages being an allegory for interracial couples and supporting integration, since the two rabbits were literally black and white (Listverse Staff). In 2006, Charlotte’s Web was banned in Kansas because talking animals are considered an “Insult to God”. And in 1999, James and the Giant Peach was banned from an elementary school in Texas because it contained the word “Ass” (Buzzfeed Staff). I believe that the banning of books in public schools and libraries