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Mirna Olvera
Due: February 28, 2018
Death and Dying
Death and dying is normal process that every human being will go through, even though the process may vary from person to person. Not everyone will have the same experience and every case will be unique. Whether we acknowledge or not many people fear death, we tend to view death as an enemy and try to avoid it with technology and medicine. People die from many causes from age to terminal cancer.
There is 5 stages of grief, anybody who has experienced loss will experience these 5 stages. The first stage of grief is denial, one may not agree they have a disease and will try to obtain information from another doctor, because they feel like the doctor made a mistake. As a nursing assistant, we should never put our beliefs onto the patient. Nursing assistants need to continue with their job and watch the patient carefully, and report anything abnormal to the nurse. The second stage of grief is anger, the patient may blame themselves or others for their diagnosis. As a nursing assistant you should let the patient or resident to express his feelings. Bargaining is the third stage of grief, this is when someone tried to make a deal, so they can live and be cured from their terminal illness. Or they want to live long enough to see their child get married or graduate, etc. A nursing assistant should always be realistic with her patient. After bargaining comes depression, one may start to feel sad and regret things in life that they did not accomplish. Nursing assistants should give their patients comfort. It could simply be holding a person’s hand or touching them softly on their shoulder. Acceptance is the last stage of grief, the patient has finally accepted the fact that he is in fact going to pass away. The stages of grief may be passed in different order and some may even be skipped. (Chapter 25, page 510)
When a nursing assistant is taking care for a terminal ill person, they should be observant and report any abnormal changed to the nurse. Such as refusing food, medication, or cannot sleep.
Proving holistic care at the ending stage of someone’s life is very vital. A dying person becomes dependent on others, especially nursing assistants. It is important that the resident is always comfortable in his or hers last stage. As a nursing assistant we should provide the best care we possibly can such as providing skin care. Making sure we clean their skin clean and nice. Incontinence will become often and as a nursing assistant you should always...

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