Cesar Chavez Advance The Civil Rights Of Hispanic Americans In The United States After 1945? History Essay

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To what extent did Cesar Chavez advance the civil rights of Hispanic Americans in the United States after 1945?
César Chávez became a symbol of hope to not only to Hispanic Americans, but to people around the world. He was a true Hispanic-American hero that increased well deserved civil rights for Hispanic Farm Workers. One of his biggest dreams was to build a Farm Workers union since they went through many problems such as poverty and powerlessness, which he experienced as well. Being frustrated by the conflicts the farm workers went through, he began “La Causa” or (the cause) in September of 1962. He co-founded the National Farm Workers Association. He took in the teachings of famous figures such as Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi and took a pledge of non-violence. He led many strikes, including the California Grape Workers which led to the first contracts made by the growers and the farm workers. He also helped pass many of the most important reforms that the US passed to help farm workers. Chavez devoted thirty years of his life to help one of the poorest people in America, and about 26 years after his death, he is still thanked for everything he’s done, and will continue to be one of Americas hero’s.
César Chávez created one of the first ever labor unions to help with the growing issues that Mexican American farm workers went through, such as poverty and low pay wages. He came together with Dolores Huerta to build the union, the National Farm Workers Association. Its symbol was an Aztec symbol, which means pride and dignity. In an article by César Chávez, called “We Shall Overcome” he basically explains how he made a union in response to the dilemmas Latino farm workers were going through. He created many strikes to address problems, like low pay. (Chavez, 1-2). This statement shows how Chávez brought the problems that the farmers into light. Before the union was formed, nobody really knew about the struggles or the poverty, and some people just didn’t really care. The strikes made people aware of the struggles they were going through. Making the NFWA was the foundation of the process of Hispanics gaining civil rights. The Union was very successful in doing so.
Cesar Chavez did many things with the National Farm Workers Associations, including solving the conflict with the California Grape Workers, which led to the first contract between the strikers and growers. The Delano grape strike was against the grape growers in California, and It lasted for about 5 years. The Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee and the National Farmworkers Association, merged to make the United Farm Workers of America and demanded equal to federal minimum wage. Chávez pleaded to make to make the strikes nonviolent, and he continued to drum up more supporters for the strike. He did many things to make the workers receive the justice they deserved. In an article named “The Fight in the Fields: César Chávez and the Farmworkers Movement” it stated ...


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