Ceva Logistics Decision Making And How It Affects Organisational Structure Utas , Amc Mlm Assignment

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APRIL 2018.
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Ceva logistics is a multinational logistics company with varied specialised
services including contract logistics and freight management. The company has
experienced some humbling growth and expansion into newer international
markets from its current presence in 170 countries. In studying Cevac, we try to
assess the culture and its impact on the business environment.
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Table of contents
Abstract 1
Introduction 4
Ceva Logistics 4
Ceva’s Culture 5
Ceva’s Corporate Social Responsibility Drive 5
Impact of Organisational culture on Ceva 6
Culture and Strategic management at Ceva 8
Business Process Excellence in Ceva 9
Conclusion 10
Reference 10
Organizational chart 11
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Organizational culture has long been a key to successful management, like the
culture of a society shapes the way people behave including their language so
can the organisational culture go a long way to influence the attitude and
performance in the modern day organisations. Ceva logistics, a multi –national
logistics company has a culture that continues to give it a competitive advantage
in the market it operates in. organisational culture is related with other
management tools in this review to assert the effect.
Ceva Logistics is a young company with a distinguished parentage that includes a founding
father of the modern freight and logistics industry. In Autumn of 2007, venture capitalists
APOLLO(New York) bought Australia owned Thomas Nationwide Transport, TNT and a
few months later, acquired a US based Eagle Gate Logistics (a freight management firm), the
both companies were renamed CEVA Logistics.
 Ceva has combined storage of more than 8million Sqm.
 7th largest air Freight Company in the world.
 Ranked in the top 10 largest ocean freight forwarders.
 Handling customs clearance in 600+ ports.
Today Ceva is a full service transport and logistics company (cevalogistics.com,2016). Its
head office is in Hoofdoorp, Netherlands.
Ceva Logistics services are divided into
 Contract Logistics
 Transport management
 Freight management
 Supply chain solutions
 Ground
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Ceva Logistics ‘makes business flow’, as one of the world’s leading non-asset based supply
chain management companies,Ceva applies its international...

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