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Chapter 4 Daydreaming Themes and Topics Name __Harley Davison___
Daydreams may occur in a number of different settings (in class, while driving, while in conversation with someone, while falling asleep, during a meeting, etc.). Daydreams also may involve a number of different themes or topics, such as role-playing different interactions with someone (e.g., talking to your roommate), planning about some future event (e.g., seeing yourself giving a presentation, etc.), replaying some past event (e.g., thinking about what you should have done at work last week), or fantasizing about something (e.g., being an astronaut or famous musician). Daydreams also differ in the number of participants involved, ranging from just you to a lot of other people.
Please take a few minutes to think back on times in your life when you experienced daydreams and summarize those experiences as best you can in the table below.
Where were you when you were daydreaming?
Daydream Setting
What was the daydream about?
Daydream Theme
Who was present in your daydream?
Daydream Participants
I was in the car on my way to Nashville for a doctors appointment. I was kinda of...



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