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Chair Design Reflection Matrix 
Chairs at Reynolda
(Jacobean, William
and Mary, or other--
choose at least one
18th- Century
French Seat
(Choose at least
one style.)
Shakers Chairs Bauhaus Chairs
What materials were
used in this chair ?
chairs used oak and
pine also some other
Rococo chairs were
used in different
uses ranging from
wood to steel.
Shaker chairs were
mainly wooden and
had animal skins for
the actual seat
Bauhaus chairs would be
anything that was recycled
How was the chair
shaped ?
Fan shaped
Ranged from tables
to desks. Rounded
feel to them
Shaker chairs
seemed to bed
uncomfortable but
also squared off
would be any shape,
whether it be usual or
What kind of
ornamentation was
used ?
Cypress used to
present the chest.
Different patterns in
each chair
values, pastel color
palette, and curved
or serpentine lines.
overall form and
developing creative
solutions such as
hallmarks of modernist
What do you know
about who used this
chair ? When and for
what purpose was it
used ?
James I and Charles
I. The chair was used
for the respect of
Modern people.
Theaters, paintings,
interior designs or
People from that era
used them for
sometimes every
day activities.
both fine arts and design
education. Students in
school and it was used for
student to sit and study in.
What does this chair
design tell you about
contemporary ideas
regarding comfort?
The period
represents the
growth of foreign
influence and the
passing of the oak
Rococo chairs made
homes look really
nice and it spread to
making painting or
used in theatres.
The Quakers did so
much good effort to
make a good
looking chair and
used so many
features and
It gave the students a
place to study .
What does this chair
design tell you about
contemporary ideas
regarding power ?
It gave the rulers
their own proper
chair to sit in
Some chairs were
used to kneel or to
pray or used to work
Made places like
homes look good.
The seats, desks, etc
made everyone feel
What does this chair
design tell you about
contemporary ideas
regarding decorative
It shows the different
styles that changed
over time.
People enjoyed the
looks of the chair
and wanted more
There was so much
effort in putting such
a beautiful peace
It wasn’t scary looking or
something you should
think twice about looking
What does this chair
design tell you about
contemporary ideas
regarding the human
body ?
It shows the beauty
of the chair and how
people managed to
make it that way.
People ventured
through the different
types of comforts in
Humans are
capable to make
beautiful art
Made humans comfortable
so they can study or relax.
Post-Project Reflection Questions 
What are the two
biggest things you
learned from this
I learned that there so many different styles of chairs in different eras.
Also, that every chair a...

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