Challenges Eminem Had Growing Up In A Black Area Highschool Asignment

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Marshall Mathers (Eminem)
Everyday people think of themselves as a nobody, thinking that they will never make a large impact on life. While one child growing up in the poor areas of Detroit, getting harassed by his mother and bullied just for going to school. After getting hooked on drugs after popping up to fame and trying to find a way to cope with all his problems when he was a child and not understanding how to get clean. And after all the challenges he faced in life, he knew how many other children in Detroit suffering and facing the same challenges that he had, so he gave back to his home town with his charity he founded. From growing up to nothing to be the biggest stars in the world.
When he was a child his mom kept moving from Missouri and Detroit living in public housing projects. This was one of the hardest parts of his life because he never had a chance to make friends, while his mom was never able to hold a job for more than seven months and without support from his father leaving him from when he was just an infant. It is very difficult swapping from house to house not even managing to sleep in a house you own while you have a small income. While he was in school he was constantly bullied never managing to have a single friend and was always treated as an outcast. Making matter even worse he was beaten up anywhere, beat up in the bathroom, beat up in the hallways, shoved in lockers. One of these incidents put him into a coma for seven days. No child should ever be bullied to the point where they are sitting in a hospital because of how he looks. While growing up with only one parent, his mom wasn't a great role model. His mom was addicted to prescription medication, and emotionally and physically harassed him. Not even having a father and his mother hating him really gave him the hardest childhood he could of ever gone up growing with, nevertheless he still was determined to follow his dream and become a hip hop artist.
After suffering all his childhood troubles, he popped to fame and many people wanted to know about how he blew out and his tough times in Detroit. He was asked if he wanted to make a movie about his time in Detroit and he was excited and agreed. During the production of the movie, Eminem seemed to have troubles staying awake and was always tired. So he has prescribed some pills that would keep him more awake and on edge when filming the movie. Marshall started over using the pills that lead to seven-year drug addiction. No one about or if someone did they really didn't really care about it. But at the peak of his addiction when he was taking about 60 or...


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