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By nature, I was always a curious child. My parents usually found this delightful, except for one disconcerting experience when I was just eight years old. As I played, I spotted a colorful bottle of my great-grandmother's medication on the table. I was fascinated by the bright colors and assumed it was a bottle of candy for me. Not wasting any time, I popped a piece of "candy" into my mouth and enjoyed its sweetness. Unable to control myself, I quickly finished half of the bottle and began to feel giddy.Seeing me on the floor with the open bottle, my parents knew instantaneously what had happened. My fun experience with ...view middle of the document...

Although the emergency was over, I stayed on for medical observation.I was discharged from the hospital a week later, but was extremely fearful of eating ?candy?. I suffered mild depression, which responded well to pastoral counseling. Yet I needed more time to regain my concentration. My grades slipped for a short while and I felt miserable. Moreover, my shyness made communicating even more difficult. The thought of public speaking paralyzed me whenever I had to do presentations. I was jittery and nervous, the laughing stock of the class. Thankfully, my family and friends supported me and understood my frustration. Despite the setback, I was determined to regain my academic foothold. My perseverance eventually paid off. Although I missed two weeks of lessons, I caught up on my studies and scored an A+ average! In addition, I joined social groups like the drill team and the computer club, which dissolved my social phobia. As my shyness went away, I discovered I could speak confidently without stuttering.Through this difficult experience, I gained confidence in my ability to set and attain goals. I also learned that virtually any challenge can be overcome by defining clear objectives, understanding the qualities needed to achieve them, and then systematically committing to the tasks. I bring this confidence and dedication to everything I do. I am excited to embrace the challenges of the university and those in my subsequent career.


Literary analysis about the metaphor in Mother to son - Efsc - Literary Analysis

1025 words - 5 pages everyone faces but especially a young black male faces in his poem, “Mother to Son.” Hughes, in his poem “Mother to Son,” uses symbolism and the metaphor that life is a staircase to show the obstacles one must overcome to accomplish life success. Hughes uses a staircase as a metaphor for life and its obstacles, each step is a step closer to accomplishing one’s goals in life. He is expressing that there is challenges in life that one must overcome

Nike Case

806 words - 4 pages countries. Specifically this paper will review how Nike handled these issues in the, The Sweatshop Debate case.Global Business ChallengesWhen a corporation decides to become a global entity it requires research into the legal, cultural, and ethical challenges that will arise. One such challenge Nike had to overcome what the public outrage and protests regarding child labor, hazardous conditions, and pitiful wages. Nike was criticized for taking

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341 words - 2 pages In this world of never ending hurdles and challenges"“people choose to quit. Imagine everything we do is like a three mile marathon"¦. We can't simply finish it if we choose to quit. It is not hard to believe that everyday people quit, rather it's in their professional life or personal. Quitting is easy and it is as easy as saying "No!" Everyone is guilty of quitting. Our 37th President Nixon said, "A man is not finished when

Paper On Physical journey

472 words - 2 pages "Journeys often lead to a greater sense of self and understanding of the world".Journeys are processes whereby travellers undergo inner growth, changes of perspective, and overcome challenges and obstacles. These changes ultimately result in the travellers gaining a greater sense of self, and a broadened understanding of the world.Aspects of physical journeys and the aforementioned changes that they initiate are reflected through a range of

Overcoming Gender Roles in the Hunger Games - Aurora High School/English - Essay

1160 words - 5 pages strong enough to do those jobs, but it is the same for men. Some men could want to bake or not play rough sports like hockey or football. But they would be ridiculed because those things are not “manly” enough. Therefore in the novel The Hunger Games Suzanne Collins challenges gender barriers and shows kids that these barriers do not need to exist. In the novel, many characters such as Katniss and Peeta overcome gender barriers by doing things

The Epic Of Gilgamesh Essay

502 words - 3 pages case the hero, Gilgamesh, searches for glory as well as immortality, two things that all people would like to have. However, his journeys weren't without it's obstacles. This brings me to another quality that a story of a quest must have, the presence of challenges that the hero encounters in order to achieve his or her goals. Gilgamesh sought glory through battle with the mighty keeper of the forest, Humbaba. Although very powerful himself

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1235 words - 5 pages students. Heyler (2015) believes the collaboration of experience, learning, theory and practice results in a far greater potential for innovation than any of the aspects alone. With enhanced steps such as analysis and action plan, I reflect on my clinical experience using Gibbs’ Reflective Cycle (Gibbs, 1988; Appendix 1), as it allows me to draw conclusions identifying where I went wrong and how I plan to overcome future obstacles. Gathering

Journeys Involve Overcoming Obstacles In 'Life As A House'. Discuss. - Essay On 'Life As A House' Film - Essay

689 words - 3 pages peaks, George’s physical condition troughs, which creates contrast and juxtaposition within the range of emotional and physical journeys portrayed. Furthermore, the defeat of obstacles in journeys are certainly portrayed through the challenges confronted by George Monroe, who must overcome such the reap the benefits of emotional connections to his beloved and serves as evidence of the essential correlation between challenges and journeys. The

Article Critique Relating To Suplly Chain Management

620 words - 3 pages article "New challenges in managing supply chain" by Derek Maggs explores the definition of supply chain management (SCM) and then focuses on the relations among SCM systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and information technology (IT).The author argues that the aim of SCM is more than just cost reduction. He further argues that SCM tries to minimize the costs of production and in the meantime to increase the quality of value added

Circumstances Do Not Define Happiness - English 12 - Essay

710 words - 3 pages Circumstance Don’t Define Happiness An individual’s attitude during their hardships can have a significant impact on the decisions that they make and their overall happiness. In the passages, “Circus in Town” by Sinclair Ross and “ ‘Happyness’ for Sale” by Jia Lynn Yang, both main characters encounter trials and challenges that come with an impoverished lifestyle. Both stories focus on how important having a positive and optimistic outlook on

Knowledge Is Power

473 words - 2 pages . Knowledge directs his actions and enables him to find the difference between right and wrong, good and bad. It helps him overcome his weakness and faults and face dangers and difficulties with courage and confidence. It gives him mental, moral and spiritual advancement. Besides this, it is through knowledge that man has gained mastery over nature.  In conclusion,To meet new challenges in he 21st century, we university students should lose

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629 words - 3 pages Challenges Before I came to college, I did not anticipate how much responsibility and obligations it comes with. I was so busy thinking, “I can’t wait to become an adult”, “I can’t wait to do what I want when I want”, “College is going to be so much fun” not realizing that it will be a challenge for me or anyone. Now I’ve been college for six weeks and I was definitely oblivious to the reality of it. Of course, I didn’t think it was going to be

Homeless to Harvard Reflective Essay - Pre Ap English - Essay

578 words - 3 pages The film, Homeless to Harvard, is about a girl who lives in a broken home with both of her drug addict parents. This film shows a lot of real situations children go through and how hard it really is to overcome challenges. Not only did this little girl have to raise herself but after being put into the system and leaving it she had to constantly take care of her mom while she was intoxicated. While being homeless and taking care of her now

How does The Hunger Games and The Handmaids tale use character and setting to convey ideas - English - Essay

2000 words - 8 pages explore the themes of gender roles, power, how the heroes overcome their challenges and hardships and relationships in their texts through techniques such as setting, characterization, camera angles to convey their ideas of dystopia in their respective texts. Atwood uses setting to explore gender roles in her novel. In The Handmaid’s Tale, the role of the woman is status quo, in a never-changing brutal Christian authoritarian regime; “Handmaids

Literary Archetypes of Dances with Wolves and Harry Potter - english - essay

1133 words - 5 pages Free , Lieutenant John Dunbar, leaves the army and travels to Fort Sedgwick on the frontier. In the army society, Dunbar feels secure and comfortable because he lived there so long that he knows how that society works. However, once he travels to Fort Sedgwick, he leaves behind his comfort zone and approaches a world filled with challenges and dangers that he does not expect. One of the challenges he has to overcome in the new world is the feeling of “miss