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I learned a lot on the field trip to the federal reserve. I learned about how money is prossed. I learned that banks send a lot of money to the federal reserve so they can process it and make sure that is all clean money, and to make sure the money is real. Most of the banks around the atlanta area send there money to the federal reserve. After they finish processing the money they put the money on a yellow auto piloted robot that forklifts the money and transfers it to a vault that is 7 stories down and is on the top of water which i thought was pretty amazing. And after they put the mooney in the volt they return to their station and sometimes they bring money to the money processes.
Then i learned about the money processors they are the people that take the money and put it into a big machine to count and make sure that all the money is real and they also scan through the money to find fraud bills. Usually there is only 3 people allowed in the money processing room for security issues. The money processors where a blue long coat with no pockets over them to cover their pockets so they can not steal anything. Also surprisingly they said if even a dollar went missing inside the money processing room they would not be able to leave until the issue is resolved. They also said if there were to be two people in the process room and one had to go to the bathroom they both would...

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