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How many people in the world would donate their organs if it could help save the life of another? People die everyday waiting for someone to donate the matching organ. Imagine living a life day to day not knowing if there is a future. What if, instead of waiting for someone to die, for them to receive the organ, there were organs available when needed? Many individuals are living their lives of incurable diseases, while their family and friends watch helplessly. What if, instead of watching them helplessly, they can watch them grow stronger? Is it possible? Scientists say yes, but is there a price to pay? Stem cell research, with the proper funding, and available embryonic s ...view middle of the document...

The inner cell mass is made up of embryonic stem cells" (ISSCR). Human embryonic stem cells have only recently become available for research. Most of what scientists do know come from studies that has been performed on mice. "Among the types of cells derived from cultured mice ESCs are fat cells, various brain and nervous system cells, insulin-producing cells of the pancreas, bone cells, hematopoietic cells, yolk sac, endothelial cells, primitive endodermal cells, and smooth and striated muscle cells, including cardiomyocytes--heart muscle cells" (Commission n. page). There are hopes that with enough research, embryonic stem cells can be used to treat Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, spinal cord injuries, strokes, and debilitating diseases.Nancy Reagan, wife of former President Ronald Reagan, strongly endorses the research for stem cells. Former President Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 1994, and recently passed away from Alzheimer's. Alzheimer's is a brain disease that causes loss of memory and destroys the brain cells. Eventually the brain loses function because the cells have been destroyed. "In Alzheimer's disease, the injection of either embryonic or umbilical cord stem cells has been shown to significantly increase the laboratory animals' life spans and mental functions. Russian physicians, who have given embryonic stem cells to Alzheimer's patients at six month intervals, report that the improvements are better with stem cells than other therapies" (Ende n. page). As of now, there is no treatment for Alzheimer's disease using stem cells. However, scientists are still looking for a breakthrough that might help treat this disease.Another individual who has taken a stand for this research is Christopher Reeves, an actor, and quadriplegic. Reeves is a well-known advocate for stem cell research. He was paralyzed from a horse back riding incident in 1995, leaving him paralyzed from the neck down and left him relying on a ventilator to breath. People might say he was only advocating embryonic stem cell research in hopes to find a cure for himself. It was shown to be otherwise in a recent interview with Reader's Digest, where he was asked about his view on embryonic stem cell research, and he stated, "I advocate it because I think scientists should be free to pursue every possible avenue. It appears though, at the moment, that embryonic stem cells are effective in treating acute injuries and are not able to do much about chronic injuries" (Nash n. page). Christopher Reeves spent his years trying to do everything he could to help people find out more about spinal cord injury.In 1991, Micheal J. Fox, another advocate for stem cell research, was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. This disease affects the nerve cells in the brain that control muscle movements. This disease can cause tremors and loss of balance. Parkinson's disease gradually gets worse over time, but can be treated with medication in the early stages. "Restoration...


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856 words - 4 pages Wendy Wasserstein's play Tender Offer is a dialogue between a father, Paul and his daughter, Lisa. Paul is too wrapped up in his business and work and never takes the time to talk to his daughter and find out what is going on in her life. When the play begins, Lisa and Paul do not seem to have a relationship at all, but we find in the end that their relationship changes and will be better in the future. This dialogue allows Paul and Lisa to

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1888 words - 8 pages ever Independence was" implies that although he has retired from his political life, he still has worry for the future existence and prosperity of the United States. The basis for his uncertainty, distress, and doubt may be the political, economic, and militaristic problems that occurred from 1788 to 1825. These events perhaps led Adams to believe that the American existence was actually in danger as a result of its lack of action to excel and

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472 words - 2 pages the Willows", differing perspectives of a journey are presented, and various obstacles and challenges that may present themselves throughout the course of a journey are alluded through the dialogue that takes place. The contrast between Toad and Rat's characters presents the perspectives at the initial stage of a journey, and suggests the potential for the journey to initiate change and growth, in a similar way that the migrants in Skrzynecki's poems were able to overcome the obstacles they were faced with to undergo an emotional catharsis, and Mee Ping Leung's installation that even a freeze-frame of a journey can be seen as progressing towards the future.

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647 words - 3 pages a solution. Now that medicines have become affordable, almost anyone can get medications for various illnesses. This perfectly ties in with the parallel development of technology. Without creative minds coming together and working together and the use of collective learning, humans would have faced a lot of hurdles regarding diseases and medications. While the modern revolutions brought about major changes in a positive way, it also brought its

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747 words - 3 pages changes the future holds for management will be in the field of control. Control over time, money and intellectual property has always been of utmost importance to organizations. With the advent of the personal computer an e-business culture has evolved. It is a double-edged sword. It has brought the population of much of the world within a fingertip's distance, but that in and of itself creates a need for ever tighter control. It has created the need

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1537 words - 7 pages maintenance. Preventive Maintenance changes software to improve for future maintainability or reliability or to provide a better basis for future enhancements. This activity is rarely used. Usually a new version is released before any preventive maintenance can take place. All of these activities must exist in a maintenance plan. A typical company's maintenance activities are distributed by the following percentages: perfective is 50%, adaptive is 25

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570 words - 3 pages changing environments. · Responsibility of change is internal to implement new structures & processes. · Need broad based participation. 3. Organisational Learning Approach (Wardell et. al.; Senge) · Aim is continuous improvement amidst changing circumstances. · Identifying problems and developing strategies to correct them. 4. Appreciative enquiry – IDEAS (Barret & Fry) · An approach that learns from successes to emulate for the future 5. Technology and Organisational Transformation (Barret & Fry) · Previously technology was used to re-engineer (transform) organisations. · Shift is now away from technical changes to more overall changes in school systems. Page 1 of 2