Chapter 1 American Legal Definitions - American Legal Systems - Deffinitions

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Kinds of Laws (Chapter 1 pgs 13-14)
Jurisprudence​ - Study of Law
Law​ - Rules and regulations made and enforced by
government that regulate the conduct of people within a
Laws fall into 2 major groups: ​Criminal and Civil ​ (criminal
deals with punishment civil deals with money)
-Criminal Laws ​the branch of law dealing with crimes and
their punishments
-Felonies​ a serious criminal offense punishable by a
prison sentence more than one year (criminal charge)
-Misdemeanors ​a criminal offence, less serious than a
felony, punishable by a prison sentence of one year or
less (criminal charge)
-Civil Laws ​a law that does not involve criminal matters,
such as tort and contract law. Civil law usually usually
deals with private rights of individuals, groups, or
-Civil Action ​a non criminal lawsuit, brought to enforce a
right or redress a wrong
-Defendant ​a person against whom a claim is made. In a
civil suit, the defendant is the person being sued; in a
criminal case, the defendant is the person charged with
committing the crime
-Plaintiff ​in a civil case, the injured party, who brings legal
action against the alleged wrongdoer
-Prosecutor ​the state of federal government's attorney in
a criminal case
-Beyond a reasonable doubt ​the level of proof required
to convict a person...

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