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Chapter 13 IslamA Prophet and his World· Islam arose in the arabia peninsula· faithfully reflected the social and cultural conditions of its homeland· covered with dessert so agricultural is possible only in well-watered areas like Yemen· Nomadic people(Bedouin) kept herds of sheep, goats, and camels migrating through the desert to find water and food1. organized themselves in family and clan groups2. ...view middle of the document...

was available even after the appearance of Islam· Arabia did long distance trade at the Persian Gulf, Arabian Sea, and Red Sea and Palmyra and Damascus (gave access to mediterreanean Basin· After 3rd century, Arabia became important link between India and China(east) and Persia and Byzantine(west)· With empires failing, merchants preffered using sea routesMuhammad and his Message· Born 570 CE into a family of merchants in Mecca.· lost his parents at 6 years so grandfather and uncle cared for him with education.· his early life was difficult, married Khadija, wealthy widow at 595, but didn't recieve any rank· Arabs recognized gods, goddesses, demons, and nature spirits where favors were granted through sacrfice· At age 40, he undewent a spiritual experience and said that there is only one god (Allah)· Allah ruled the universe and he would come down to the world and reward the right and punish the wrong.· He got visions from Allah delievered through the archangel, Gabriel and told him what to do to convert everyone· In 620CE, everyone listened to Muhammad and as it grew, people wrote down texts of his teachings.

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Chapter 13 Notes Essay

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