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Chapter 18Burgess, in my opinion, really brings out a new and scary side to our protagonist, Tar, in this particular chapter. Tar has now grown into this 'High life of a Junkie' stuff, shown to him by characters Lily and Rob. Although now to an extent that he's forgotten his origins and has begun to turn into something most sensible people stay miles away from. In the backstreets, where the floor is cold and the walls are full of grime, is where Tar is now shown, no light shines on those who choose the life in the shadows.The first piece of evidence that portrays Tar's dramatic change is the quote on page 197 "I'm part of a tribe." this quote jumped out and told me Tar was now almost 1 ...view middle of the document...

Totally ignoring the two dead people. At one point tar mentions he feels as if he's stealing from Helen and Alan but proves to listen more to Rob than his conscience. Which, as a matter of fat, back tracks on his comment about being in a tribe. Tar must not feel as important as he makes out in earlier pages, because now he's taking orders from someone he feels is superior to him. Maybe his lack, now, of self confidence is down to his lack of "Junk" In his blood. The more you take the better you feel seems to be the message conveyed by Burgess at this point, however, Burgess still explains that too much can kill you.Helen and Alan are both introduced very late in the book so for us as readers we develop the connotation that they're not going to be very important and won't make a very big difference to how the story is being told. Also, we don't get a chance to develop any emotional attachment to these characters, stopping us from feeling any sort of remorse when the two are found dead. In my opinion this is because Burgess wants to symbolize these characters as drugs one might take. Example, the late and quick introduction to the characters with no lead up suggests the way someone can stumble upon drugs take them and that's it, they're hooked. Burgess gives us a description of Alan and Helen's appearances in significant detail; this gives us the long and glamorous and exciting journey the drugs take you on before you hit the long downfall, given to us in the for of Helen and Alan's sudden disappearance. Then finally the loved up couple are found slumped together on the sofa the same way a healthy couple might be found at night time. Imagine: You're sat on the sofa with you wife watching a brand new drama series that's been advertised for ages and you've both been dying to watch it. Finally you manage to settle down and watch it after a long and hard day at work. She's tried, but so are you. But as her strong and protective husband you want to stay awake and alert to make sure there's no danger around to hurt her. You begin to watch the show and soon you wife is asleep; leaning against you looking as youthful as she was when you fist met. As the man, you will stay awake to see the end and show, ...


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1433 words - 6 pages . "Thinking with the thalamus: lobotomy and the rhetoric of emotional impairment." Journal of Literary & Cultural Disability Studies, vol. 5, issue 2, July 2011, p185, 16p. EBSCOHost, doi:10.1038/nmeth.2935. Accessed 11 April 2017. Mahnke, Aaron. "Echoes." from Lore, 18 May 2015, Witheridge, Annette. "THE LOST KENNEDY." Daily Mail, 15 August 2009, p30. 2p. EBSCOHost, ISSN: 0307-7578. Accessed 21 April 2017.

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