Chapter 25 Homework Accounting Ii Hunter College Assignment

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Chapter 25 Homework
1. Capital budgeting decisions require careful analysis because they are generally the most difficult and risky decisions that management faces.
2. Capital budgeting is the process of planning the acquisition or sale of plant assets.
3. Capital budgeting decisions are risky because: (1) the outcomes are uncertain, (2) large amounts of money are usually involved, (3) the investment involves a long-term commitment, and (4) the decisions may be difficult or impossible to reverse.
4. The payback period ignores both the present value of cash flows and all cash flows after the payback period.
5. A shorter payback period is desirable because management prefers to reduce the risk that the investment might not be profitable over the long run. As a result of acquiring assets with shorter payback periods, a company is both less vulnerable to inaccurate long-term predictions of future cash flows and is less subject to changes in external factors that might adversely affect the investment project.
6. If net income is earned evenly throughout each year and straight-line depreciation is used, the average investment is the original cost plus the salvage value, divided by 2. For this machine, the average investment equals $110,000, computed as ($200,000 + $20,000)/ 2.
7. When the present value of expected net cash flows, discounted at 10%, exceeds the amount invested it indicates that the expected rate of return on the investment is greater than 10 percent. On the other hand, when the present value of expected net cash flows, discounted at 10%, is less than the amount invested it indicates that the expected rate of return on the investment is less than 10 percent.
8. Receiving $100 one year from today is worth less than $100 today because a return can be earned on a $100 investment during the year. If $100 to be received one year from today is discounted at 12%, the present value is $100 x 0.8929 = $89.29 (the present value factor is taken from Table B.1). This means that if $89.29 is invested at 12% for one year, it will be worth $100 at the end of that year. This amount also can be found by divid...


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