Chapter 6 Section 2 Of English 4 Senior English Assiggmnent

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Mr. Daniels
Foundations of Citizenship
6.2 and 6.3 Lesson Plans
Chapter 6 Section 2
Protections in the Bill of Rights
Objectives--- The students will be able to:
· Understand how the First Amendment protects individual freedoms
· Find out how the Bill of Rights protects people against abuse of power by the government
· Learn how the Bill of Rights protects people accused if crimes
· Discuss the protections of other rights outlined in the Ninth and Tenth amendments
Read 6.2 and answer the following questions in Type 2 form on a separate sheet of paper.
1. In your view, which individual freedom included in the First Amendment is most important? Why?
2. Which amendments help protect citizens from abuses of power by police, judges, and other government officials?
a. How are citizens protected from these abuses by the Bill of Rights?
3. According to the Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth amendments, what rights are guaranteed to people suspected of having committed a crime
4. In what sense do the Ninth and Tenth amendments protect the right of citizens?
Law and the Real World page 169
The Death Penalty. The U.S. Constitution, and DNA
Applying the Law
1. What are the arguments for and against the death penalty?
2. Does the use of DNA testing support or weaken the arguments against the death penalty? Explain.
Chapter 6 Section 3...

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