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Character Connection: Nick Carraway
Out of every character in the novel “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, I feel that I can relate to the protagonist, Nick Carraway, the most because he possesses various characteristics that set him apart from the rest of the characters. Granted, him being the protagonist, Fitzgerald probably had in mind to write about a character that was easy to relate to and he succeeded. Nick Carraway grows to become a focal point of the story. He becomes a main connection between Daisy and Gatsby. In chapters 7 & 8, Nick is already an individual that others depend on, especially Gatsby, whose relationship with Daisy hangs on a string by the name of Nick. Gatsby with his confusions in life, constantly seeks out Nick for advice on what to with his particular situation and to ask him for favors. They become really good friends due to the convenience that Gatsby gets out of the relationship.
Nick Carraway and I have a fair share of similar qualities or characteristics. We’re both constantly seeked out by others to help with their problems and we both gladly accept, it’s our nature. However, we tend to feel guilty when something bad happens to others because we believe that we had something to do with that problem or that we could’ve prevented it, which leads us to feel in debt on various occasions. Both of us are main links between the relationship of people we care about. For example, my best friends are in a relationship that somehow ended up relying on me. Another thing is that both of us tend to get along well with anybody and everybody. Also, while it is not specified in chapter 7 or 8 I believe that it is worth pointing out, Nick and I spend our time in environments where we don’t really belong but yet we’re accepted nonetheless.
However, even though we share all of these similarities and more, Nick and I are still different people. While I love helping people, I do have a set of boundaries. I wouldn’t spy on somebody for a various hours because it’s an invasion of privacy that I don’t approve of, and, I have things to do most of the time. There comes a point where I let people do their own thing and I stop carrying them. Which is something that Nick has a difficulty doing. I’ll gladly help anybody as long as I stay true to my priorities and my moral code. Which brings me to the point that the protagonist constantly leaves his responsibilities, like his job, or other people, like Jordan Baker, unattended. I try to give everybody that I love or care about and equal amount of my time, even though I may fail sometimes, so that they don’t feel like I treat them differently.


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