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1.Rule of LawThe rule of law, upheld by an independent judiciary, is one of Hong Kong’s greatest strengths. This refers to some of the fundamental principles of law that govern the way in which power is exercised in Hong Kong.The rule of law has several different meanings and corollaries. Its principal meaning is that the power of the Government and all of its servants shall be derived from law as expressed in legislation and the judicial decisions made by independent courts.At the heart of Hong Kong's system of government lies the principle that no one, including the Chief Executive, can do an act which would otherwise constitute a legal wrong or affect a person's liberty unless he ...view middle of the document...

(Entry can only be obtained against the will of the owner by due process of law).3. A man cannot be convicted twice for the same offence - once he has stood trial. This applies when the offence is under the same statute. (C.C. sec. 12 & Charter s. 11(h)).4. A person under twelve years of age cannot be prosecuted. (C.C. sec. 13).5. A man can only be charged and convicted with a crime known to law. (sec. 9 of the C.C. - exception is the charge of contempt of court).6. A man can only be punished after conviction, and then only within the limits authorized by law. (C.C. sec. 6).7. A man is entitled to be tried by his peers. In Canadian law, this is only true for certain indictable offences for which the C.C. so provides.8. The accused must be given the benefit of a reasonable doubt. Therefore, circumstantial evidence must be overwhelming.9. The Crown must prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt.10. No charge can be laid against a person for a common law offence - except for contempt of court. See sec. 9 of the C.C.11. A person can only be arrested by due authority of the law. (C.C.sec. 494-495).12. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse (C.C. sec. 19). However, in some cases there may be exceptions - see main text.13. The accused is entitled to make a full answer in defence of a charge. In other words, a person cannot be tried while under the influence of alcohol or drugs and an insane person cannot be tried - see main text.14. The accused is entitled to have counsel without delay and to be informed of the right. (Charter of Rights and Freedoms - sec. 10b).15. The accused cannot be compelled to incriminate him or her. (Charter sec. 11(c)).16. Generally speaking the accused's character or general reputation is not at stake. Exceptions are if such information is essential to the crime such as with Clifford Olson and Paul Bernardo.17. With the exception of a few crimes, neither the husband nor wife is compellable witnesses for the prosecution. (see Canada Evidence Act, sec. 4(2), 4(4) and 4(5) for exceptions.)18. Corroboration is required by law in certain cases.19. In most crimes, guilty mind (mens rea) has to be established.20. In some cases compuls...


Essay On Natural Crime Versus Legal Crime

1402 words - 6 pages Natural Crime versus Legal CrimeLaw, what is it and where does it come from? There are many types of law ranging from natural law, constitutional law, criminal law, civil law, common law and positive law. Obviously there are many laws in place today that could be subcategorized under any of the aforementioned types of law. Most of the laws in America originated from common law. Common law was and is part of the English legal system. Although

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797 words - 4 pages Free , we use Common law – a system of law based on case law · In Quebec, they have civil law – they don’t really rely on cases, they rely on the statutes themselves. · Civil procedure: how the law is administered in each province, how to serve people, how you commence procedures. Section 96 courts. · Responsibility between courts are split between federal and provincial. Judges are appointed by federal government. Each province has their own rules as

Paper On Human Rights Within Australian Law

2539 words - 11 pages within the legal system, such as the Australian Constitution, Common and Statue law, and International obligations.In terms of modern human rights, the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 is fairly limited. However, one crucial element that it does contain is in section 51 of the External Affairs Power. Within Australia, human rights legislation is state (not federal) jurisdiction; as a result of this Commonwealth Government has no

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485 words - 2 pages not state or imply that currently, species whom already exist can come from other species already existing. Another common misconception used to disprove the Theory of evolution is the Second Law of Thermodynamics. It states that disorder, sometimes referred to as entropy, increases over time. If evolution believes that things are constantly becoming more and more complex and organized that directly contradicts the Second Law of Thermodynamics

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1034 words - 5 pages likely when perpetrator is a stranger  Weapon use  -Approximately 1/3 of victimizations involve a weapon  -Most common weapon is a firearm  Responses to Sexual Victimization  Acknowledgment  -​Many victims do not label incident as rape  Reporting  -Less than ½ of all rapes and sexual assaults come to the attention of law enforcement  Resistance/Self-Protective Action  -Resistance = any act conducted during the victimization for the purpose of

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522 words - 3 pages meaning of ‘wilfully’ and ‘calculated’ in this context; the meaning of ‘physical damage’ and how it might be brought about. Candidates should analyse the torts in question and identify the common characteristics of trespasses. They are: · They must be direct; · They are actionable per se. · They are fault based. Candidates should distinguish Wilkinson v Downton and explain how it differs from the traditional trespasses. Better candidates will analyse

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1372 words - 6 pages bad view of conflict is associated with a vision of organizational effectiveness that is no longer valid (and perhaps never was). You can direct conflict and manage it so that it causes both people and organizations to grow, innovate, and improve; however, this requires that conflict is not repressed because attempts to repress it are likely to generate very ugly situations. Common repression strategies to avoid are nonaction, administrative orbiting, secrecy, and law and order.

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1982 words - 8 pages Free .(30individual liberty,and (4)rule by law.2a.The House of lords was made up of bishops and great nobles who neither inherited their seats or were appointed.this house dominated Parliament until the early 1700's.2b.The House of Common included knights and townsmen who were elected by other knights and townspeople.3.PETITION OF RIGHT (1628), Parliamentary declaration of the rights and liberties of the people, assented to by Charles I in the beginning

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1402 words - 6 pages Christine Nghiem What set of characteristics define a democratic state and what conditions are required for democratic regimes to flourish? Your answer must include reference to two or more democratic states.  A democracy can be defined as a political system in which government is based on a fair and open mandate from all qualified citizens. However, Hague, Harrop and McCormic (2016, p. 38) argue that there is ‘no fixed and agreed definition of

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1718 words - 7 pages The law of the European Union. Nowadays a creation of the ECJBrought into existence by the postwar wish to establish a European economical integration, nowadays European legal system has attained characteristics, unforeseen at the time the Treaties were drafted. Most of these tendencies occurred in the first pillar where the ECJ was endowed by the drafters with a broad scope of prerogatives. Taking an advantage of that competence with a creative

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1521 words - 7 pages . (Osteoporosis is more common in the elderly, particularly postmenopausal women.) B. She is a cigarette smoker. C. She is Caucasian. (Osteoporosis is more common in Caucasians than in individuals of other races.) D. She is sedentary. (This lack of exercise means that she is placing less stress on her skeleton -- see discussion of Wolff's law in question #7.) Other potential risk factors for osteoporosis include: A. estrogen depletion (the primary reason

Egyptian Religion

1404 words - 6 pages Free The Egyptians had a very influential religion that can be analyzedusing the five elements of religion. The characteristics of the AncientEgyptian's religion can be divided into the five elements of religion:authority, faith, rituals, moral code, and concept of the deity.First, the authority of the Egyptian religion. The main authority of theEgyptian religion was the Pharaoh, he had divine right over the people andwas considered a god. Also, he

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1520 words - 7 pages ”. Similar to free speech, hate speech is much more complicated than just “words that hurt my feelings”. A common definition of hate speech is “bias-motivated, hostile, malicious speech aimed at a person or a group of people because of some of their actual or perceived innate characteristics”(Berkley 2). Hate speech also “undermines this public good, or it makes the task of sustaining it much more difficult than it would otherwise be. It does this not

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4852 words - 20 pages current law·To repeal a large amount of obsolete and redundant statutory and common law offences·Reduce the number of offences through new concepts and redefinitions·Expanding the ambit of some offencesThe Theft Act 1968 replaced the Larceny Act 1916, to come into force on Jan 1 1969 as an embodiment of the recommendations of the CLRC's report on "Theft and Related Offences" (2). Commentaries of possible interpretations by

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2269 words - 10 pages connections that law and society researchers can draw between these two subjects. In the diverse and often contested scholarship on globalization, the one thing that all writers agree upon is that the term itself means different things to different scholars. David Harvey noted that an essential feature of globalization is "time-space compression" (1990: 240). Anthony Giddens cautioned against the common assumption that globalization is