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Dinosauria, We
Dear Charles Bukowski,
How do you relate so much to people? How is it that you can expand on an idea so drastically? In Dinosauria we, you talk about the inevitable fall of humanity and the things we will face/ facing already. You wrote this more than 25 years ago, yet most of the poem, if not all can be extremely relevant today. Your poem discusses the plentiful amount of corruption. One example would be when you explain that hospitals are becoming too expensive to afford for normal individuals. Charles you say, “Into hospitals which are so expensive that it’s cheaper to die,” and that couldn’t be truer now more than ever. Medical bills are no joke, they are extraordinarily high that people are going to other countries because it’s so much cheaper to actually fly to another country, get what you needed done, then come back home safe and sound. It’s devastating the time we live in. More and more countries are providing free and amazing health care yet in the greatest country in the world, we still don’t have such things. My dad has numerous issues with his body from working in the railroad, to owning his own business in sheetrock and drywall. Doing both of those things at once puts a huge toll on your body. There are numerous occasions where my dad would have to fight through the pain or take alternative paths such as chiropracting or massage therapist on the weekends because...


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