Charles From “A Visit To Grandmother” By William Melvin Kelley High School Senior English Course Character Analysis

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“A Visit to Grandmother” by William Melvin Kelley
Character Analysis: Charles
Childhood. For most, this word brings happy memories of a time where life was simple and without worry. Though for some, this word has a negative connotation that reminds them of their long, hard struggle to finally be able to leave and support yourself. A childhood is the basis of a person's thoughts, actions, and words. It shapes them into the person they will be as an adult. In the short story, “A Visit to Grandmother” by William Melvin Kelley, one of the main characters, Charles, is intelligent, compassionate, and bitter.
Charles is intelligent because in the text, he talks with a refined knowledge and he uses his words well to convey his thoughts and opinions. Charles went to school and is now a doctor. He uses his intelligence to medically assist people. All of Charles colleges hold him in high respects because they know how bright he is and how he works to be so sharp.
Chig, Charles son, thinks highly of him as well. In the text, Chig says it only takes a few words from his father to make his patients relax. This implies that Charles’ patients can sense his compassionate nature, making patients calm believing that they are in good hands. Chig also says Charles cares for people. He helps people every day. Charles’ childhood plays a part in his compassion as well. His mother never showed compassion towards him, so he strives to be compassionate because he knows how awful it feels to be treated without any compassion.
Having a mother that only showed compassion to her favorite children, Charles grew up bitter. His mother would harshly discipline him for a minor offence, while if GL, Charles’...

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