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Check Point New System Proposal Essay

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The project has to have a post project review at the end of the projects life cycle. The purpose for this is to figure out what did and didn't work with the project and how the can avoided the same thing with a future project.The post project review have to be done by members of the project team, key stakeholders (operational support staff, etc.) , and users of the project deliverable or result. There are severals roles that have to be assigned to certain members of the post project review group in order ...view middle of the document...

To address what a specific business requirement would do so that it can drive the projects creation and use was so easy to figure out. It would be oblivious to remove the manual steps that are required in the inventory management process. If Riordan was to do this it would provide them with a lower rate of mistakes and allow for a greater rate of accuratenesses. Having accurate data would most likely improve the business as a whole. The productivity of Riordan would be affected as well because the cost will be lowered. in order to do that the end of the year physical inventory process would have to be removed. Transforming into a solely computers based company they will be able to eliminate some of the physical jobs. By creating a software that could analyze the project and how it works would allow for the company to focus on more projects and cut down on the review process by half the time as well.

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